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User paid 200 LTC commission for a transaction in the amount of 8.88 LTC

User-paid-200-LTC-commission User paid 200 LTC commission for a transaction in the amount of 8.88 LTC

According to the Chepicap portal, an unknown sender transferred a transaction in the amount of 8.88 LTC (~ $ 1000) in the Litecoin network and paid a fee of 200 LTC (more than $ 22000).

Thus, the size of the commission exceeded the amount sent by 22 times. The transaction was added to the block, mined by the Chinese mining pool LTC.TOP.

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Dogecoin: a billion dollar crypto joke


An entrepreneur from Australia, Jackson Palmer, is amazed that, invented in joke in 2013, the Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency at the peak at the end of December reached a capitalization of $ 2 billion and attracted dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of new users, to cryptocurrencies. At the time of publication, the capitalization of DOGE is about 1.3 billion dollars. In 2013, Jackson Palmer created the Dogecoin - fork of Litecoin with a higher emission and a short block - and named it after the Chinese breed of shiba-inu. For a nice image, users nicknamed the coin a baby money. Therefore, the Australian wanted to show the absurdity of huge investments in unstable assets during the 2013 cryptocurrency boom.

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CBOE and CME Group can issue futures for Ethereum and Litecoin


Two exchanges from Chicago, CBOE and CME, which are the first in the world of regulated areas to start working with Bitcoin derivatives, are also considering the possibility of launching futures for Ethereum and Litecoin. This information, while not officially confirmed, appeared last night in the US media. The launch of the Bitcoin futures theoretically should consolidate the value of the cryptocurrencies as a new asset class. Successful trading in futures and options for Bitcoin virtually makes the emergence of similar contracts for other major cryptocurrencies, and primarily on the air and Litecoin.

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