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Bears on the cryptocurrency market have dominated for more than a year. In various thematic chats you can hear a huge number of stories about the loss of more than 80-90% of the deposit in dollars, but customer losses are not reflected in any way on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Huobi Global CEO Livio Weng in an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP) shared information, according to which 70% of the company's revenue brings the main exchange business.

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Analytical agency Tokeninsight presented an updated quarterly rating, which previously ranked the seven largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This time, the list included seven more platforms, which were evaluated on such indicators as trade volume, security, and compliance with laws.

Ratings of cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as ratings of cryptocurrency, are very subjective and invariably provoke disputes in the cryptocurrency community. However, they continue to gain popularity. The latest report from Tokeninsight reviews the progress of cryptocurrency exchanges over the past three months in difficult market conditions.

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The daughter of the former Huobi-exchange Huobi Research - conducted a survey among 2000 people from 23 different countries to understand the general mood in the cryptocurrency market. The results of the survey showed that almost 78% of respondents believe in the future growth of the value of most cryptocurrency in the next three years. Despite the sharp collapse of the market in early 2018, more than half of respondents are convinced that the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency will grow in April. Only 26% of respondents believe that it will continue to decline in the next month.

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