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Hackers used Tesla cloud servers for mining


The American company Tesla, the manufacturer of electric vehicles and power storage solutions, became a victim of hackers: having found a vulnerability in the Tesla account on Amazon, scammers got access to the cloud infrastructure of the company and used its resources for the cryptocurrency mining. The hackers found the company specializing in cyber security company RedLock. Hackers took advantage of a vulnerability in the Kubernetes service available from the Internet due to lack of password protection, which contained information for accessing the Tesla cloud store in the Amazon Web Service.

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Hackers use advertising on Youtube for the cryptocurrency mining


Recently it was discovered that hackers trying to take over the computers for cryptocurrency mining now use commercials on YouTube for mining at the expense of viewers. Nowadays, cryptocurrency mining can become a highly profitable enterprise, and hackers try to maximize their profits. According to Ars Technica, many Internet users on social networks complained that their antivirus software detected malicious software for mining cryptocurrency when they visited YouTube. Even after users switched to another browser, the antivirus program again displayed a warning when visiting YouTube.

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