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  • Mark Cuban: Cryptocurrencies will thrive even despite the fall of FTX
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Mark Cuban: Cryptocurrencies will thrive even despite the fall of FTX

Mark-Cuban-Cryptocurrencies-will-thrive Mark Cuban - American billionaire

The Future of Cryptocurrencies According to Billionaire Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the well-known American billionaire, continues to express his confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Despite the recent collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, Cuban remains convinced that the industry will continue to flourish.

The Value of Cryptocurrencies

According to Mark Cuban, the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in smart contracts is highly valuable. The ability to use digital assets in various areas of life makes cryptocurrencies applicable in different industries. The billionaire emphasized that the bankruptcy of FTX will not affect the applicability of decentralized applications in any way.

"If you do not take into account the so-called stablecoins, then prices for cryptocurrencies are supported only by enthusiasts. There is no fundamental analytics, no real business application, no cash flow - just speculation," 

James Royal said.

Furthermore, Cuban believes that the value of crypto assets is closely related to their use in real-life scenarios. If a project has no real users, it has no value. This underscores the importance of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange and store of value.

New Users Every Day

Mark Cuban also sees the constant influx of new users as a positive signal for the industry. As more and more people learn about cryptocurrencies, their potential value and applications become more apparent. This increased awareness has the potential to drive further growth and development in the industry.

Not Everyone Agrees

Despite Cuban's optimistic outlook, not everyone shares his views on cryptocurrencies. James Royal, an employee of Bankrate, believes that cryptocurrencies exist solely due to industry enthusiasts. In his view, there is no fundamental analytics, real business application, or cash flow supporting cryptocurrency prices - just speculation.

Regulation and the SEC

In August, Mark Cuban criticized the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the lack of clear provisions to regulate the industry. The lack of clarity in regulatory frameworks creates confusion and uncertainty for investors, hindering the growth of the industry.


Mark Cuban remains optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The use of smart contracts and the constant influx of new users are positive signs for the industry's growth and development. However, the lack of clear regulatory frameworks and the skepticism of some industry experts remain significant obstacles to the industry's continued success.

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