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ICOLINK.COM publishes the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) List (directory) with brief descriptions, video presentations and links to websites, whitepages and social accounts in a convenient listing with the ability to search by categories and other criteria among the Active, Upcoming and Finished ICO.

What is ICO?

The abbreviation ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, that is, the initial placement of coins (tokens). During the ICO, the project team sells digital tokens for cryptocurrencies or fiat money to investors. Later, these coins can be used on the project platform as an internal currency or trade them on exchanges. Also, instead of ICO, the term "crowdsale" is often used. 

Seven simple tips how not to become a victim of ICO-scammers

Despite the increase in the number of scammers, seven simple tips will avoid losing funds when investing in new projects. This information will help you quickly assess the potential prospects of IСO in terms of investment safety and significantly reduce your time spent on analysis. 

We do not rule out the possibility of the appearance in our listing of projects aimed at collecting funds only. Therefore, all our ratings are estimates of community members and show just recommendations to the authors of IСOs in the list.

ICOLINK.COM does not sell ratings in the list and does not involve outside experts. Due to this, we suggest that you independently evaluate the financial prospects of an IСO. In our opinion, it is the best way to avoid fraud.

Study the profiles of the startup team members on LinkedIn and other Social Networks 

It makes sense to carefully study the profiles on LinkedIn of key project participants (founders, managers and advisors) and try to find out on open sources real stories of their previous work experience. More credibility looks the ICO indicating on the pages of their website and in social accounts the real addresses of offices and real contact information.

Check the applications 

Read between the lines when it comes to the statements of project representatives. Before investing in the ICO, check to see if the statement of the project's representatives is unfounded. Read the Media topics linked on the ICO website and check the ratings on the main ICO Listings (some of these ratings are paid, some are not, so treat them as average indicators, which together can warn against investing in dangerous ICO).

Invest only in the existing product 

Stay away from ICO, which do not have at least a minimal working version of the product. We are talking about a viable service that should have a map of technological development and be at a certain stage of development. Do not invest in companies that just offer an unsupported ERC-20 tokens

Be wary of small projects 

A low collection threshold for ICO does not mean that it is not fraud. On the contrary, this may indicate the desire of criminals to provoke trust and attract as many investors as possible within a short period of time. Often in this case, scammers try to manipulate investors, speaking about the high price potential of the token.

Be wary of financial pyramids

Try to avoid investing in projects offering attractive bounty programs with network marketing features, reminiscent of their structure, financial pyramids.

Do not believe false promises

If a new startup emerges from nowhere, and its team emphasizes its revolutionary nature and promises a significant return on investment in the shortest possible time, you should study the project more carefully before investing in it. Fraudsters are excellent at throwing dust in their eyes and operating with a thirst for quick profit. 

Carefully study the Whitepaper 

When reading a Whitepaper, pay close attention to the Disclaimer, quality of the texts, the adequacy of the market and competitors analysis, and also the accuracy and clarity of the proposed product description

Be careful with participation in ICO-projects, do not accept all statements of startups on faith, independently research the work of the company and trust your intuition.
All information is published in the ICO List only for informational purposes and is not a recommendation for participation in a particular ICO or Crowdfunding Campaign!

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"Link your ICO to Success!"

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ICO W12 Token Sale

By the end of the year, Bitcoin will reach $ 35,000


Earlier this year, when the price of Bitcoin compared to the record highs of December 2017 fell by more than 60%, another very important indicator - the number of transactions in the blockchain for the day - decreased. Compared to December last year, this figure has dropped almost twofold, reaching a record low mark over the past two years. "We had a hype-cycle and now it's cooling down," explains Charles Morris, investment director for the London-based company Newscape Capital Group, "We just may be entering a bear market" 

Judging by the information provided by the analytical company, the average number of transactions decreased from 400,000 transactions per week in mid-December 2017 to 200,000 last week. This figure is comparable to the figures when Bitcoin was trading at around $ 500. The situation with transactions awaiting confirmation in the Bitcoin network is even worse. This number dropped from 130 million bytes per week in early January to 30 million now.

The community offers many explanations for the decline in activity in the cryptocurrency market - from software problems to unpleasant news about the forthcoming regulation in various countries. Another interesting fact is why, against the backdrop of a partial restoration of the Bitcoin price and a decrease in commissions in February, the number of transactions did not return to previous volumes. This question leads some investors to think about a possible decrease in the popularity of the cryptocurrency.

Other participants of the cryptocurrency community, on the contrary, believe that low volumes of transactions in the blockchain do not necessarily mean problems for Bitcoins. They call this situation an indicator of healthy stabilization and maturation of the financial market.

According to the head of the investment company LDJ Capital David Drake, most likely, the rates of cryptocurrencies this year will again go up. He believes that by the end of the year Bitcoin will reach $ 35,000.

The decline in transaction volumes can also be explained by "inertia" after a long period of high commissions and slow confirmations.

"We remember too slow and expensive transactions, and to forget it, it will take time," Drake says, "but everything will return."

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