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Blockstream introduces the Simplicity programming language for smart contracts


Dr. Russell O'Connor of Blockstream, during the PLAS 2017 workshop in Dallas, USA, unveiled his work "Simplicity: A New Language for Blockchains", in which he described a new programming language called Simplicity. This typed functional programming language is intended to be an alternative to existing languages, which are used to develop smart contracts based on blockchain technology. One of the main differences between Simplicity and Bitcoin Script - a simple scripting language on which you can execute simple scripts (the prototype of smart contracts) in Bitcoin's locker is the lack of a problem with the lack of some opcodes.

For example, in Bitcoin Script you can only add numbers, but you can not multiply. In this case, Simplicity provides more flexibility by expanding the capabilities of the language.
Among other important features it is worth noting:
Simplicity is a Turing incomplete language;
The possibility of implementing finite state machines;
The organization of recursion, protection from endless cycles;
The possibility of static code analysis;
Support for formal semantics, formal verification;
Integration of the clasped abstract syntax trees (MAST), Simplicity has built-in support for MAST;
These features enable developers to create a more secure, efficient and functional code for "smart contracts".
O'Connor's work gives only the first idea of ​​a new programming language for crypto-currencies, which in fact is a project of the development and research department of Blockstream, but the potential for using this language in future projects of the company can be seen right now. In the meantime, it remains only to wait for the official release of development tools for programmers Simplicity SDK.
The creators of Simplicity do not specify in which blockchain libraries a new language can be applied, but it is obvious that first of all it is aimed at application in Bitcoin. In addition, its name is associated with the main programming language of the Etherium - Solidity, and this similarity can definitely not be called random.

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