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ICO Neuralink

Machine Learning and AI

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Neuralink ICO

ICO Description

Neuralink aims to Develop a Worldwide Human-Based Network (WWH) to Provide Solutions For Human Digital Needs using the Neuralink Chip With Our Upcoming Gadgets. High-scalability and high-privacy Network Secure Access Using only a Wearable Gadget, your brain is the key to your network access Help conserve natural resources due to the use of minimal hardware (the only hardware required is the Nuralink chip with Nlink Gadgets)


Natural Answer For Digital Needs the Main Goal of Our Team Members is to Develop a Worldwide Human-Based Network (WWH) to Provide Solutions For Human Digital Needs using the Neuralink Chip With Our Upcoming Gadgets.


Despite the Neuralink Chip and the ever-present Communications of Humans, and Our Solutions; We Have Concluded that the Most Accessible, Cost-effective, and least harmful way to build a Decentralized and All-purpose Network is to Use the Power of our Minds.

High Availability and Ease of Use. All you need to become a Node in Our Network or Use the Service is a Nlink Gadgets With Neuralink Chip! Build a Hybrid decentralized and all-purpose Network by combining our Gadgets, cloud solutions, and ever-present Communications of Humans.


Our main goal is to create a decentralized global network to connect all humans without the Internet, and by combining brain waves, human instantaneous communication, and cloud solutions. High-Security and Super-usable: Do not worry at all, all your daily needs are done just by thinking! Experience a New Level of Security with Biological Encryption.




✅ ICO Neuralink details

ICO Details

ICO «Neuralink» ICO Start: 2022-02-23

ICO «Neuralink» ICO End: 2022-08-23

ICO «Neuralink» Symbol: Nlink

ICO «Neuralink» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «Neuralink» PreICO Start: 2022-02-23

ICO «Neuralink» PreICO End: 2022-05-11

ICO «Neuralink» Offering Type: ICO

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