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ICO «MyWill Platform»

⭐ Smart Contracts

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October 14, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

MyWish platform allows creating and executing the rules for distribution of funds using smart contracts and decentralized environment for calling them. Our mission is to bring common money-related practices into the crypto world: automatic regular payouts, wedding agreements, wills, lost wallet keys protection etc.

We make using crypto assets safe and convenient.

From the user’s point of view, MyWish is a mobile application and a website where anyone can easily create a smart contract and then manage it. The simplest contract consists of three parts: wallet
(source), conditions, and wallet (destination). The conditions determine, when the transfer of funds must be done. The platform supports full life cycle of a contract: creation, starting, monitoring and completion. It provides the tools for management and customization of personalized contracts.



ICO Details

ICO «MyWill Platform» ICO Start: September 20, 2017

ICO «MyWill Platform» ICO Finish: October 20, 2017

ICO «MyWill Platform» Symbol: WIL

ICO «MyWill Platform» Platform: Ethereum

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