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ICO Muse Protocol

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Muse Protocol ICO

ICO Muse Protocol Description:

ICO Description

Muse Protocol is a digital ecosystem built on a set of automatic, pre-arranged agreements, called smart contracts, that allows for the trust free management of profit generated by music and the transformation of fanbases into their own symbiotic economies. This smart contract contains thousands of lines of code that describe what should happen when any number of related events takes place within the Muse Ecosystem.


These events are registered within the Blockchain and are unchangeable from the moment they are submitted to the network of verifiers from that moment fourth. Muse Protocol is capable of autonomously handling any event thrown at it including; registering a artist or listener account, registering works of art for ownership, verification of copyright infringement, automatic collection of earned royalties, automatic distribution of collected royalties, and much, much more.


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⭐ Muse Protocol ICO details:

Muse Protocol ICO ICO Details

Muse Protocol ICO Start: 01 05 2020

Muse Protocol ICO End: 01 12 2020

Muse Protocol Symbol: MUSE

Muse Protocol Platform: Tron

Muse Protocol Offering Type: IEO

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