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ICO Multibot

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Multibot ICO

ICO Multibot Description:

ICO Description

Everyone who got into the world of cryptographic currencies has to deal with exchanges. High market volatility provides an opportunity to increase the capital, but also creates the risk of losing a substantial part of it. The market situation may change dramatically in a matter of minutes, but a human cannot monitor it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Multibot is intended for solving this problem! The multifunctional set of automated tools running in the cloud constantly monitors the situation at exchanges and operates in accordance with a specified algorithm to protect your capital and its accrual.

Multibot platform is aimed at solving the problem of user interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges and continuous monitoring of the market, at the maximum number of trading platforms. Based on and using the advantages of the SaaS model, the platform is designed to lower the threshold of entry into the exchange trade in cryptocurrencies. Automated tools that do not require installation, with an intuitive interface and working 24/7 in the web-cloud will provide protection and capital turnover, eliminate manual labor and take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency for profit. Unlike other existing tools, it accumulates a maximum set of tools and services. The platform allows you to start using a few simple steps, regardless of the availability of hardware and other software, since it is available from anywhere in the world, with predefined settings and tools for successfully solving the main tasks.

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⭐ Multibot ICO details:

Multibot ICO ICO Details

Multibot ICO Start: 10 20 2017

Multibot ICO End: 11 24 2017

Multibot Symbol: MBT

Multibot Platform: Token

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