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ICO Description

The MONEYLAND Metaverse is based on the principles of complete decentralization and is built for all users who want to earn and grow rich by using our technologies increasing their capital. The MONEYLAND is a Business Metaverse that allows all users to create their own VR business in the land of MONEYLAND.


The MONEYLAND Metaverse is a Web3 platform for the development of various crypto projects that realize their potential in Metaverse using crypto technologies, and MONEYLAND users and consumers increase their capital.


⭐️The MONEYLAND Business Metaverse created for every a User who wants to increase their capital!⭐️


What is the MONEYLAND Metaverse

VR space
This is a Business Metaverse implemented in the virtual space in the form of a high-tech city of the future.

Launch Site
This is the place where business is born, partners, investors, like-minded people, ambassadors, performers, consumers join.

Creative Place
This is the place where new trends are born, startups are created, projects are supported, profitable ideas are funded.

These are the possibilities of using new technologies of Decentralized Finance, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Earnings and Income
This is a place where everyone can start a business or just earn, and maybe get rich with minimal investment.

Entertainment Place
This is a VR space where you can combine both earnings and recreation. Various areas of entertainment are always available to users.


The financial basis of the MONEYLAND Business Metaverse is MONELA (MNL) token.


The MONELA (MNL) is a utility token is issued on the Solana blockchain 100,000,000 (MNL) total emission for the entire cycle. The token is issued in stages according to the roadmap and the token distribution schedule. MONELA Initial Cost (MNL) = $0.1


✅ The MONELA (MNL) token is used as a means of payment in the Business Projects of the MONEYLAND metaverse as well as on the DeFi protocol and the NFT marketplace. Flexible Staking rewards a Residents Metaverse the MNL tokens. Locked staking will reap higher rewards + NFT and MNL drops. We intend to support a governance model that allows the community to vote on initiatives and proposals.

✅ The token MONELA is a Utility, works only in the MONEYLAND Business Universe and is designed to launch Business Projects. Token MONELA is the only means of payment in all business projects launched in the MONEYLAND metaverse.

✅ The MONELA token is the only instrument for settlements, remuneration, accrual of bonuses, guarantees, voting in the MONEYLAND Business Universe.

✅ You can get MONELA token at an early stage only by signing up for the White List

✅ Welcome. The official website of the MONEYLAND Business Metaverse


ICO Details

ICO «MONEYLAND» ICO Start: 2022-09-15

ICO «MONEYLAND» ICO End: 2022-12-15


ICO «MONEYLAND» Platform: Solana

ICO «MONEYLAND» PreICO Start: 2022-08-13

ICO «MONEYLAND» PreICO End: 2022-09-13

ICO «MONEYLAND» Private Sale Start: 2022-06-13

ICO «MONEYLAND» Private Sale Finish: 2022-08-03

ICO «MONEYLAND» Offering Type: ICO

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