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ICO «Modulum token»

⭐ Supply & Logistics

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November 7, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Modulum is designed to cumulate the strengths of a modular IOT platform and the potential of blockchains. It’s also a vast territory of opportunities which opens, a pragmatic and ambitious market. The flexibility of Modulum transforms an idea into business in any existing and future ecosystem.

Thanks to our expertise acquired in the IOT environment, Modulum:

  • 1 - Gives access to the IOT technologies for all
  • 2 - Reduces research and development costs
  • 3 - Accelerates time to market

This project concretizes the first modular IoT device allowing an interface between the real world and blockchains. The choice of power, the modular technical characteristics, the free design of an embedded application and the easy use of blockchains transforms a simple connected object into an innovative and infinitely reusable product.

The Modulum Light version, already prototyped, uses its limited resources in an optimized way. With its embedded sensors and communication boards, it is able to contribute to the recording of real-world data to blockchains (public or private), or to any other network and web services (web servers, clouds ...) . The interaction with blockchains is compared to a "Light Node", i.e. the product will use the blockchain for the sole purpose of writing or retrieving information. The Modulum Full version retains the same strengths as the Light version but incorporates higher technical capabilities such as greater computing power, as well as a larger storage and RAM. This version meets the specific needs of heavy computing applications but also blockchain management. Modulum Full is compared to a "Full Node", in addition to writing and retrieving information, it uses its computing power and storage to structure and maintain a blockchain network. These two versions, although different in their power, will be compatible and share the same hardware modularity and the same software flexibility

ICO Details

ICO «Modulum token» ICO Start: November 22, 2017

ICO «Modulum token» ICO Finish: December 13, 2017

ICO «Modulum token» Symbol: MDL

ICO «Modulum token» Platform: Ethereum

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