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ICO Description

The MIDASCAPS ecosystem and business model is predominantly centered around the production of capsules - an innovative technology for conveniently carrying and dispensing nutritional supplements. This physical product, called Midas Capsules, facilitates the creation and use of a utility token, MidasCoin, which can be used for the purchase of capsules and as currency on the MidasEngine platform.


In turn, MidasEngine taps into the sharing economy,  enabling users to organize local small scale sports events in which anyone to participate for a fee.  How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects? While MidasCoins are labelled as flexible supply, it is important to realise that the tokens are inflationary in the short run, but deflationary in the long run. 


MidasCoins are going to increase in supply with the production of new capsules, but the amount of new coins released into circulation becomes minimal by year 7-8 due to the halving each year. In the meantime, burning MidasCoins equal in value to the 5% fee for each transaction on the MidasEngine platform ensures that the token supply will deflate in the long run.

Max Supply - 250 000 000

ICO Start Date - IEO starts on August 2nd 2019
ICO End Date - IEO ends  August 31 2019

Round 1 - 02/08/2019 - 08/08/2019
▪️ Number of tokens: 60,000,000 MDC
▪️ Tokens as a percentage: 24% ▪️ Price: $0.01
▪️ Target: $600,000
▪️ Early investment bonus: 10% of the total investment amount ▪️ Blocking: 3 months after the end of the round  
Round 2 - 09/08/2019 -–15/08/2019
▪️ Number of tokens: 60,000,000 MDC
▪️ Tokens as a percentage: 24% ▪️ Price: $0.015
▪️ Target: $900,000
▪️ Early investment bonus: 7% of the total investment amount ▪️ Blocking: 2 months after the end of the round  
Round 3 - 16/08/2019 -–31/08/2019  
▪️ Number of tokens: 50,000,000 MDC
▪️ Tokens as a percentage: 20% ▪️ Price: $0.02
▪️ Target: $1,000,000
▪️ Early investment bonus: 5% of the total investment amount ▪️ Blocking: 1 month after the end of the round

ICO Hard Cap – 2 500 000 USD
ICO Soft Cap - 35 000 USD
Amount Raised Currency (ETH, NEO, USD, etc.) - No
Amount of Tokens For Sale - 170 000 000
Accepted Currencies (eg. BTC,ETH,XRP) - ETH, BTC
Is KYC Required? (Yes|No) Yes
Tokensale Restrictions - USD and Canada citizens are not allowed 

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ICO Details

ICO «MIDASCAPS» ICO Start: 2019-08-02

ICO «MIDASCAPS» ICO End: 2019-08-31

ICO «MIDASCAPS» Symbol: MidasCoin

ICO «MIDASCAPS» Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)

ICO «MIDASCAPS» Offering Type: IEO

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