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ICO «Midas Protocol»

⭐ Trading & Investing

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ICO «Midas Protocol» Listed:

May 17, 2018 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

Phillip Phung

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ICO Description

Midas Protocol recognized existing issues with cryptocurrency investment today, and is offering a complete solution. We are launching a platform that will allow investors to buy, sell, exchange and spend a whole array of crypto-assets all under one place. We provide a universal tool which helps the average person without much technical knowledge can take part in this revolution.

Midas Protocol is essentially an intelligent platform created for crypto-traders, from newbies to experts:

  • An encrypted, instant-on/always-up-to-date wallet that store various types of cryptocurrencies.
  • An intelligent platform for analysis and trading directly from Midas wallet, with highest privacy and security standard. Transactions are signed locally, meaning private keys are never sent outside. Users do not have to trust any external party, including Midas, with their money.
  • Offer traders’ leaderboard to follow/copy trade. Users can get rewards with high performance ROI portfolio, or simply subscribe, follow, copy trade strategies from top investors/traders.
  • Spend cryptocurrencies on any E-commerce platform that accept crypto payment directly from Midas wallet.
  • Provide AI - assisted curated news and market alert

We aim to be the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion to fiat and spending of cryptocurrencies. Ultimately Midas Protocol aims to empower everyone to create an investment portfolio for a personally customized basket of crypto-assets.



ICO Details

ICO «Midas Protocol» ICO Start: July 1, 2018

ICO «Midas Protocol» ICO Finish: July 15, 2018

ICO «Midas Protocol» Symbol: MAS

ICO «Midas Protocol» Platform: Ethereum

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