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MetaShooter ICO

ICO Description

Metashooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting metaverse that joins millions of hunting enthusiasts in a community where they can: Experience real hunting: Play in tournaments, multiplayer, and with stunning visuals with VR compatibility; Hunt & Earn: Receive token rewards by hunting trophies, wining tournaments, and more; Customize & Upgrade: Buy, upgrade hunting equipment and customize your hunter; Develop: Buy hunting lands, build towers, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income; Explore the open World: Experience various environments, stunning visuals and realistic dynamics. 


MetaShooter offers new monetization opportunities, not just for market suppliers but also for players. The hunting market has to step into the metaverse world and move to the next level. This will also provide new ways for hunting hobby owners to pursue their hobby.


In the near future, MetaShooter players will have the opportunity to experience authentic hunting, even if they don't have access to the real thing. The game will also help solve problems such as overhunting and environmental imbalance.


The MetaShooter ecosystem has a logical business plan and features the natural utilization of each NFT asset or service. It doesn't force the crypto aspect on the game. Instead, it is built on the principle of meaningful gameplay which makes the game even more exciting and interesting.


A MetaShooter player has access to a wide selection of monetization options which allows them to achieve a massive return on investment. Each asset can be traded, sold, or just melted into Metashooter tokens.

✅ ICO MetaShooter details

ICO Details

ICO «MetaShooter» ICO Start: 2022-02-28

ICO «MetaShooter» ICO End: 2022-03-15

ICO «MetaShooter» Symbol: MHUNT

ICO «MetaShooter» Platform: Cardano native token

ICO «MetaShooter» Private Sale Start: 2022-02-28

ICO «MetaShooter» Private Sale Finish: 2022-03-15

ICO «MetaShooter» Offering Type: ICO

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