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ICO Metagalaxy Land

Gaming and VR

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Metagalaxy Land ICO

ICO Description

Metagalaxy Land offers a blockchain-based next-generation gaming platform and gaming exchange where Investors able create and exchange their own customized Planets as NFT's and participate the Game as Space Cowboys. Or they can choose to be Pirates without Planets.


In game transactions such as Leveling Up, Construction, Alliances, PvP's utilize with MEGALAND Token. In the play2earn model, players earn tokens through Harvesting, Alliances and PvP’s against other players, or by selling their NFT's on the Galaxy Marketplace.


Metagalaxy Land is a Metaverse MMO strategy game where two types of players, Space Cowboys and Space Pirates, work together to achieve higher tier yields, rewards, ships, buildings and construct and discover higher tier and rarer artifacts.


Metagalaxy Land helps its investors to create their Ideal Planet at the borders of their Mind. They will be the creator of their own Planet as well as its life forms, society and the terrain. Metagalaxy Land hold the initiatives and complies with the standards and ethic principles of Metaverse meta-ethical framework which based on the moral theory of Alan Gewirth, necessary for determining what, if any, ought to be the ethics that guide the conduct of people participating in virtual worlds in their roles as designers, administrators and players or avatars.

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ICO Details

ICO «Metagalaxy Land» ICO Start: 2021-11-26

ICO «Metagalaxy Land» ICO End: 2021-11-26

ICO «Metagalaxy Land» Symbol: MEGALAND

ICO «Metagalaxy Land» Platform: BNB Smart Chain

ICO «Metagalaxy Land» Offering Type: ICO

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