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Metachain ICO

ICO Metachain Description:

ICO Description

Metachain is building a decentralized Blockchain connecting the physical world to the Metaverse. This Metaverse is all about a decentralized multiverse and the rise of individual ownerships. Think of it like an internet that is owned by individuals. It enables you to build your own space and determine how you live your life without any interference from the Government nor big companies. 

Our world is centralized with the Government, big companies and the smart money controlling our economy and day to day activities. Blockchain Technology seeks to address this issue but we still see whales and centralized institutions manipulating the market. Our lasting solution is the Metaverse. 
Coming to the Metaverse, we already have different virtual platforms  where you can buy virtual lands (Decentraland, SandBox), play games (Axie Infinity), casinos, concerts and more. There are also different NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea. But there is no platform yet to bring together all these and create a meaningful use across different platforms. This is what Metachain seeks to achieve. Metachain is the first fully Decentralized Blockchain that connects our physical world to the Metaverse. This will enable a truly decentralized universe that we need and give back the power to individuals.


This is a truly decentralized cross chain and multi chain market place where anyone can create, buy & sell virtual products, NFTs and other digital collectibles across different platforms and Blockchains through our Grade A Virtual Engine. Currently, you can only sell Ethereum NFTs like crypto punks on the Ethereum blockchain. The same is obtainable on other blockchains but Metachain addresses this issue.
The Metachain Virtual Engine is highly compatible with other blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, SOLANA etc.
It utilizes algorithms with smart contracts which deterministically compute the asset price at any given time automatically and uses Grade A Virtual Engine to execute sales. 

METACHAIN Multi-Chain Launchpad
Metachain also has an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) Launchpad platform for virtual product, NFTs and project creators. This allows Metachain token holders to participate in interesting concepts and high yielding crypto-projects in the early stage, ensuring high profit margins and a lucrative opportunity, which was previously available to only investors with high capital and resources. All projects are vetted by the Metachain team allowing users to invest with confidence, not having to worry about the legitimacy of the project.

METACHAIN Multi-Chain Staking
A multi-chain staking platform is also on the cards, the users would be able to stake Metachain (MCC) tokens
on different blockchains. This will ensure a tailor made customized DeFi experience across different blockchains. The users will be able to earn yield on their MCC tokens by simply depositing it into the pool with variable Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 

The Metaverse is becoming more popular and offers great opportunities for investors. The Metaverse has a total Market cap of over 32 billion in 2021 according to data from Coingecko. However, as a result of the rapidly evolving and innovating nature of Metaverse and crypto in general, vulnerabilities have been exposed and exploited by hackers. Sadly, in many cases, when this occurs, the end user is the one that suffers when the funds irreversibly disappear.
There are several solutions that Metachain will implement to maximize its security:
1. Smart contract audit: All Metachain smart contracts, before running on main-net, will be fully
audited by a reputable third party such as CertiK, Quantstamp or ConsenSys.
2. A reserve fund will also be created for insurance and compensation purposes.
3. Funds will be made available for security purposes from the development allocation to ensure high security maintenance
4. The monitoring system will review transactions on the DApp to detect unusual transactions, such as large volume transactions, high frequency transactions in a short time frame and other suspicious activities.
Max token supply is 100,000,000 (100M) MCC. The token allocation details are as follows:
  1. Public Sale (IDO): 50% (50M). Public sale tokens will be unlocked right after listing on Pancakeswap. Tokens that are not sold in the public sale will be burned.
  2. Marketing Fund: 20% (20M). This fund will be used to implement marketing campaigns, advertising and bounties, for the purpose of developing the community, products and ecosystem of Metachain. Marketing fund is locked in our smart contract and only 5% of it (1M) tokens are released quarterly every year over a period of 5 years. 
  3. Development: 15% (15M). This fund is used to develop the Metachain ecosystems, including future developments and legal issues. Development fund is locked and only 5% of it (750,000) tokens are unlocked   quarterly every year over a period of 5 years. 
  4. Initial Pancakeswap liquidity: 10% (10M). After the public sale, MCC will be listed on Pancakeswap for trading. It’s expected to add 60% amount of BNB from public sale.
  5. Team & Foundation: 5% (5M). This fund will be shared between the founders and developers of Metachain. All of them will be locked and only 5% of it (250,000) tokens are released quarterly every year over a period of 5 years. 

Q2 2021
Research on Metaverse, Crypto Games & NFTs 
Research on cross-chain solutions
Research on Blockchain Ecosystems

Q3 2021
Team forming & project brainstorming
Design Tokenomics for Metachain token (MCC)
Complete White-paper

Q4 2021
Website and Smart Contract development
Public Sale on Cointool

Q1 2022
Listing MCC token on Pancakeswap
Listing on Tier-2 CEXs 

Q2 2022
Launch of Metamarkets
Launch Multi-chain Launchpad
Launch Multi-chain Staking

Q3 2022
Further Developments
Listing on Tier-1 CEXs 

Q4 2022
Launch of Mainnet

Metachain Hackathon

ICO Metachain Video Presentation:


⭐ Metachain ICO details:

Metachain ICO ICO Details

Metachain ICO Start: 12 12 2021

Metachain ICO End: 03 12 2022

Metachain Symbol: MCC

Metachain Platform: Smart Chain

Metachain Offering Type: ICO

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