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Metacces ICO

ICO Metacces Description:

ICO Description

Metacces revolutionizes the digital world by combining AI and blockchain, creating a universe of possibilities. Immerse yourself in a future shaped by your ideas in this new internet era. Here, you craft and evolve your digital identity using "Oli", gather Blacxes, and shape your personalized ecosystem.


It's more than innovation; it's a fusion of augmented and virtual reality, blending the digital and physical worlds. Metacces is an empowering journey, enabling you to achieve your goals and connect meaningfully in a virtual space that's closely linked with the real world.


Our vision is to become the leading platform for digital innovation and community-driven development. We envision a future where the Metacces ecosystem is the standard bearer for a new internet era, characterized by user-centric design, community empowerment, and seamless integration of digital and real-world interactions. We strive to unlock the full potential of Web3 and AI, ensuring that every community member can thrive in a thriving economy and participate in shaping the direction of the digital world.


In this cutting-edge landscape, the role of the personal assistant, Oli, becomes paramount. Oli serves as a pivotal link, seamlessly integrating a vast array of information and servers to offer users an unparalleled augmented reality experience. Evolving daily, Oli stands at the pinnacle of creativity and artificial intelligence, poised to be your trusted digital companion.

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⭐ Metacces ICO details:

Metacces ICO ICO Details

Metacces ICO Start: 03 05 2024

Metacces ICO End: 05 31 2024

Metacces Symbol: ACCES

Metacces Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Metacces Offering Type: ICO

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