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Met m Finance ICO

ICO Description

Meta (M) is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain. What we build is a perpetual deflationary system, the (M) Token allows a constant price increase with a sufficient burning mechanism. We are not trying to replace the other exchanges but want to add value into the eco-system and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with safe and high returns.


Our unique burning mechanism will increase the token price constantly. 2% burning fee will be charged at staking once staking pools open. We hope to create a smooth and valuable experience for all. Earn (M) while staking other Meta Verse coins.


We just launched our token and Yield Farm yesterday. Its a 15 day launch with rewards going up 1X every day. https://meta-dex.live Our Token sale is now on!! In short we will list other MetaVerse projects only on our DEX 160K supply staking and yield farming price 0.3 cents Deflationary system yield farming and staking.


No inflated market caps true numbers.

And we are transparent. My twitter profile has been on since 2017. Join the Meta (M)

M Team

✅ ICO Met m Finance details

ICO Details

ICO «Met m Finance» ICO Start: 2022-04-29

ICO «Met m Finance» ICO End: 2022-05-12

ICO «Met m Finance» Symbol: M

ICO «Met m Finance» Platform: Binance BSC

ICO «Met m Finance» Offering Type: ICO

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