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Meridian ICO

ICO Meridian Description:

ICO Description

The core ideology behind the Meridian project places users at the centre of all of its affairs. It is upon this user-centric foundation that the Meridian services and assets are constructed. This core belief brings to the forefront the most important component of any digital asset – the people that use it. What reason does a person have to adopt the use of one digital currency instead of another?

Further to the point, a better question: why should one digital currency compete with another – why aren’t users being presented with options that can be used in combination with each other? This touches upon another key ethos that underpins the Meridian proposal. Questions must be asked of any and all of the ideas that have grown to form the norms that exist in the digital asset market today. No matter how sacred and unchallenged, no idea is above becoming subject to the poking and prodding of those with opposing beliefs. It is in this way that growth can be forced upon the digital asset market to increase the size of the playing field. This document will explore the ideologies that form the foundation of the Meridian project. By reading, digesting and gaining a full understanding of these ideologies – you will have gained a stronger perception of the three pillars upon which the Meridian project stands. User acquisition is the first pillar.

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Meridian ICO ICO Details

Meridian ICO Start: 10 12 2017

Meridian ICO End: 11 12 2017

Meridian Symbol: MDN

Meridian Platform: Bitcoin

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