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Mentalmatics ICO

ICO Mentalmatics Description:

ICO Description

Mentalmatics is a brain development school based based in Singapore. Our vision is to be a highly-visible and sought-after programme worldwide by developing children’s minds and guiding them to visualise and to think logically and analytically, so they can use these skill sets to creatively and analytically solve real-world issues.

Our missions are:
To impart to children abacus and mental arithmetic abilities using the dual-hand, 4-finger methodology to stir the beads of the abacus, thereby creating a platform for which mental arithmetic is trained, by constantly stimulating the left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain;
To encourage parents and caregivers to have a stake in their young ones’ education journey and taking advantage of the best window of opportunity to learn by offering incentives for holding $MMT tokens.


Utilities of the token:

Payment of course fees with $MMT tokens
Token buyback

Tokenomics as follows:
Seed round @ $0.002 per token: 4% at TGE, 16 months monthly unlock Strategic round @ $0.004 per token: 4% at TGE, 12 months monthly unlock Private round @ $0.007 per token: 10% at TGE, 9 months monthly unlock Public round @ $0.01 per token: 20% at TGE, 4 months monthly unlock

ICO Mentalmatics Video Presentation:


⭐ Mentalmatics ICO details:

Mentalmatics ICO ICO Details

Mentalmatics ICO Start: 11 08 2022

Mentalmatics ICO End: 03 31 2023

Mentalmatics Symbol: MMT

Mentalmatics Platform: Polygon

Mentalmatics Offering Type: ICO

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