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ICO Mega Merger

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Mega Merger ICO

ICO Mega Merger Description:

ICO Description

Mega Merger (MMT) is a part of Mega Swapfield. In simple words, Mega Swapfield is an autonomous system using a simple self-adaptive logic for regulation of liquidity of its tokens on different liquidity levels.

Mega Swapfield also includes the second token which is Mega Splitter (MST). MMT and MST tokens can be easily swapped with each other at the constant swap rate of 1 MMT: 100 MST.

To swap between MMT and MST, you only need to send ("swap in") an amount of one token to Swap Fund address (Swap Fund is also a part of Mega Swapfield, its Polygon address can be found on our website) and you will immediately receive ("swap-out") the corresponding amount of another token in return. This way to swap tokens is one of the cheapest, and also it is the fastest.

Yet there are some catches in how it works too. Among other things, it also implies that a token swap will be performed only if it does meet the certain conditions that also depend on current system values of Swap Fund, otherwise token swap will be cancelled (in such case, your tokens will remain on your balance and not be swapped, because your transaction will be declined).

Swap Fund uses a complicated and sophisticated logic for token swapping, please refer to our website for more information on it.

*Note on token distribution: By "frozen tokens" we mean the tokens on Swap Fund address balance, they are not really "frozen", they are just not being distributed in IDO because you can swap them out at anytime by yourself.

⭐ Mega Merger ICO details:

Mega Merger ICO ICO Details

Mega Merger ICO Start: 06 26 2023

Mega Merger ICO End: 08 25 2023

Mega Merger Symbol: MMT

Mega Merger Platform: Polygon

Mega Merger Offering Type: IEO

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