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MaxiSwipe ICO

ICO MaxiSwipe Description:

ICO Description

MaxiSwipe is an innovative trading platform that aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and forex trading industry. By combining advanced technology, AI-driven recommendations, and a swipe operated user-friendly interface, MaxiSwipe provides a seamless and intuitive trading experience for users of all ages and backgrounds.


MaxiSwipe is a mobile app that simplifies cryptocurrency and forex trading through a swipe-based functionality. The app's goal is to make trading easy for both beginners and experienced traders, offering a user-friendly interface and integrating social trading tools and signal starts (initiation of a trading signal for a certain period of time in which the signal is valid). Whether you're an individual, or an expert trader, MaxiSwipe aims to create a democratic, decentralized, and professional ecosystem for managing your crypto and forex portfolios.


MaxiSwipe revolutionizes the trading experience by streamlining the process and empowering users to effortlessly interact with the interface through the Swipe to trade functionality. This feature simplifies mobile trading, significantly reducing the number of taps needed to execute trades, thus enhancing user intuitiveness. With its elegant and user-friendly interface,


MaxiSwipe ensures seamless navigation, providing traders with an intuitive platform to make informed decisions. To optimize usability, the app maintains a minimalist approach, avoiding an excess of buttons, menus, or options that may potentially perplex users, allowing for a streamlined and user-centric trading experience. 


MaxiSwipe utilizes AI technology to collect and analyze user data, enabling the platform to provide personalized recommendations that align with users' behavior and interests. Through intelligent data processing, the platform discerns patterns and trends, allowing it to deliver tailored suggestions and insights. By utilizing AI-driven analysis, MaxiSwipe enhances the trading experience by offering customized recommendations based on individual user preferences, optimizing user engagement and satisfaction.

⭐ MaxiSwipe ICO details:

MaxiSwipe ICO ICO Details

MaxiSwipe ICO Start: 08 21 2023

MaxiSwipe ICO End: 09 20 2023

MaxiSwipe Symbol: MXIP

MaxiSwipe Platform: Binance Smart Chain

MaxiSwipe PreICO Start: 2023-07-17

MaxiSwipe PreICO End: 2023-08-16

MaxiSwipe Private Sale Start: 2023-06-14

MaxiSwipe Private Sale Finish: 2023-07-13

MaxiSwipe Offering Type: ICO

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