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Mate ICO

ICO Mate Description:

ICO Description

MATE is a DEX that enables traders to maximize their trade returns through limit orders with guaranteed trade execution and no unpredictable slippage. MATE aims to create the best user experience for DEX traders and help you make the most of your bucks by reducing losses when trading because traders cannot prevent slippage when trading on most DEXs. MATE aims to help you to minimize losses and get the best of your capital when trading.


Mate is 100% decentralized; Mate does not store or share your trading activity to any form of centralized database or third parties.



Swap between BEP20 tokens with zero unpredictable slippage or fees.

Limit Order

Open a position with limit orders with your preferred buy/sell price that guarantees to fill when the price hits your order.



You can stake ORK-BNB LP and MATE-BNB LP to provide liquidity in return for Mate, or stake MATE into the xMATE pool to earn 25% of Mate’s trading fees.

Earn more Mate governance tokens as a reward for providing liquidity via staking to the Mate's ecosystem.

If you are looking to increase your yield earning, the LP farm provides competitive APY to earn more rewards.

⭐ Mate ICO details:

Mate ICO ICO Details

Mate ICO Start: 08 16 2021

Mate ICO End: 08 23 2021

Mate Symbol: Mate

Mate Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Mate Offering Type: ICO

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