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Marshmellow ICO

ICO Marshmellow Description:

ICO Description

Marshmellow is born out of a sense of necessity. Almost everyone, regardless of social and economic background, has a smartphone. But not everyone has access to the right resources, good education, or employment opportunities. The idea for Marshmellow came from the realization that one a small fraction of people understand that job opportunities favor those with the required skills, not a degree. And only people with skills can help others learn skills.


Some people are self taught but again, this is only a small fraction. A large percentage of people miss out on existing opportunities just because they don’t have resources, don’t know where to look, or they’ve mislead by advertising. We want to democratize process of learning.


TOFY is the Utility token of the Marshmellow social app project.
Share. Monetize. Learn.

What does being independent mean to you?
Think about everything that being independent means to you. What comes to mind? To many people we’ve spoken to, it means providing what you need to live comfortably, yourself. It means finding a way to make ends meet, without struggling so much that you feel burned out. 
But Marshmellow does more than make those ends meet. It allows you to monetize whatever skills you have and actually make a living out of it. It allows you to socialize, share knowledge with others, and create your brand so that you don’t have to depend on others. It allows you to take control of your time and choose when you want to work. Also, you’ll be able to learn new skills from people who work actively in the industry. Most importantly, Marshmellow is easy-to-use.

User Experience in Web3
It is a well-founded fact that web3 solutions lack great user experience. Marshmellow is a social app that lets people monetize their skills, whether it be content creation, music, technical skills, and so on. It also lets people upskill and create opportunities for themselves. And the only way you can do that is with a great user experience.

Blockchain, Crypto & Web3 can bring so much value to people on this front. However, it is crippled due to the user experience. If you give an average person a Dapp, they would be confused and probably never explore it again. This person would be fine using any other app out there such as payment apps, social media, and other utility apps. The barrier to entry here is the user experience. We intend on changing that.

The purpose of creating a token economy is to make things more accessible. Crypto is inherently trying to help, often unbanked, to create opportunities for themselves. A token economy is not just about price speculations of a token or coin. It is about bringing value to users. It’s about accelerating growth and improving accessibility. 

Marshmellow’s tokenomics is built to support the app’s economy and its users. Users are not restricted on the app to force them to use the token (TOFY). You can use Marshmellow like any other app. However, you can unlock the full potential of the platform with TOFY.  

It’s an app for teachers, musicians, artists, content creators, students, enthusiasts, and just about anyone. Moreover, Marshmellow is an experience where you can see what technologies such as VR, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies, can do in the real world, for real use cases. Marshmellow intends to be a Dapp everyone can use.

⭐ Marshmellow ICO details:

Marshmellow ICO ICO Details

Marshmellow ICO Start: 02 25 2023

Marshmellow ICO End: 05 15 2023

Marshmellow Symbol: TOFY

Marshmellow Platform: Polygon

Marshmellow Private Sale Start: 2023-02-25

Marshmellow Private Sale Finish: 2023-05-21

Marshmellow Offering Type: ICO

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