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ICO Luven Daignostic

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ICO Description

The LUVEN screening test method created by the scientist of our company detects cancer at its early stages with the accuracy of up to 96% only comparable to biopsy. None of the existing diagnostic techniques has such a high diagnostic accuracy.

The LUVEN technology allows to diagnose the disease at its early stages, thus, giving a chance to thousands of people to prevent its further development.

For more than 20 years the Ukrainian scientists have been developing a diagnostic method based on cyto-morphological and cyto-biophysical properties of the buccal epithelial cells. In 2004 at Fenix Cancer Research Center, they continued their research and, finally, came up and implemented an experimental method.

A new method of biomaterial analysis allowed to establish a cancer diagnosis at its early stages and to assess predisposition to cancer .A great success in this medical field opened a door to new possibilities, including cancer prevention and therapy.

The longstanding scientific research in this field culminated in development of The Luven diagnostic system.

Our History

The development of this method started in early 1983 at the research institute, chair for genetics. Based on the cellular theory by Rudolf Vichow, a team of scientists was working on a diagnostic method and studying buccal cells.

Ms. Galina Shchukina, a genetic scientist and cytologist, was at the head of the scientific research. She conducted an in-depth study of scientific papers describing a new biophysical concept of the gene activity regulation based on the role of relationship between homologous chromosomes and genome. Together with Mr. Alexander Shchukin, a nuclear physicist, they invented an ion trap allowing to estimate bioelectric charge of cells.

Further research and studies of this concept laid the basis for a new diagnostic method born in 2004, according to which any changes in the human body reflect on cells, including buccal epithelial cells.

It was the first milestone in the development of LUVEN a unique diagnostic and treatment system.

As of today, this method allowed to collect statistical data on tests of more than twenty thousand of patients.


Scientific foundation

Any process in the body reflects in the cell, a structural unit of the body. Buccal cells (cells from the inside of the cheek) are the fastest to respond to any changes.

We have established some regularities in the changes in electrical activity of buccal cells and their cytomorphological parameters in case of any changes in the life processes.

By examining various parameters of cells and their combinations, our system called The Luven Diagnostic allows, with a high degree of accuracy, to detect oncological diseases, localization of a diseased organ, tendency of progression of the disease and comorbidities.

A large number of studies, conducted in cancer centers, showed that The Luven methods’ accuracy is up to 96% for some types of cancer, which is a very high rate comparable to biopsy.

Diagnostic procedure

  • A patient fills out a patient card in the computer program;
  • A buccal swab ( a painless swab from the inside of the cheek) is carefully collected with a mouth spatula and placed under the microscope;
  • The program records a video from the microscope and transfers it to the processing center;
  • Within several minutes the program receives a printable report;

Based on data processing results the report shows:

  • Cancer lesions in the body, if any;
  • Predisposition or liability to cancer;
  • Comorbidities according to the international classification of diseases (MKB-10 and TNM);




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ICO «Luven Daignostic» ICO Start: 2017-12-08

ICO «Luven Daignostic» ICO End: 2018-02-28

ICO «Luven Daignostic» Symbol: LVN

ICO «Luven Daignostic» Platform: ETHEREUM

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