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LotteryX ICO

ICO Description

LotteryX is the ONLY multi-chain, DECENTRALIZED lottery! A lottery dApp that is conventionally ruled, anonymously played, and autonomously operated, LotteryX is an innovative next-generation blockchain-based solution designed to enhance the experience of participants and continue to be the meeting point between technology, fairness and entertainment.


LotteryX is the world’s first fully autonomous CROSS CHAIN based solution incorporating the elements of traditional lotteries into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology and offers a multifaceted approach to simplifying the current lottery model and fixing its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and tamper-proof technology access to players, while maintaining the traditional elements.


The fully automatized and decentralized solution, operated by smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with cross chain integrations, has been designed to effectively bridge the gap between a blockchain gaming experience and traditional practice, while maintaining the lottery’s critical process and values as central to the business model.


The team behind LotteryX has a strong track record within their field of expertise. Founder and Co-Founder both have solid background in project management, FINtech, DeFi and cyber security. They are proudly backed by a team with a proven track record in multi chain engineering, technology, automations, business development and marketing, who bring their insights and talents to make sure LotteryX completely fulfils what it promises.


✅ ICO LotteryX details

ICO Details

ICO «LotteryX» ICO Start: 2022-01-26

ICO «LotteryX» ICO End: 2022-01-28

ICO «LotteryX» Symbol: LTX

ICO «LotteryX» Platform: BSC

ICO «LotteryX» Offering Type: ICO

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