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Linker Coin ICO

ICO Linker Coin Description:

ICO Description

Linker Coin is a medium for trading crypto-currencies, which otherwise would not be exchangeable with other crypto-currencies and also with fiat-currencies. As a facilitator of inter-currency exchange, Linker Coin will act as a catalyst in the market.

Linker Coin can act as a substitute coin within an ICO projects; meaning an investor in that ICO can participate via Linker Coin without being forced into a specific ICO project coin.

Linker Coin also can be traded with the coins which are not built on ERC20 , and can be exchanged with fiat-currency through the crypto-currency exchange operating under the Linker Project. Rather than promoting the low commission from the exchange like other crypto-currency exchanges, Linker Project targets the liquidity provision of crypto-currencies.

As Liquidity of crypto-currencies is assured, demand of Linker Coin will increase, Linker Coin value will be set by the supply and demand law. Linker Coin’s essence differs from the other ICO projects, which propose complicated and incomprehensible future.

Linker Coin develops based on the reality of crypto-currency market; and this project is to satisfy the investors’ needs. Therefore, Linker Project prepared a special ICO to allow objective evaluations from the users, and to adopt the evaluation.

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⭐ Linker Coin ICO details:

Linker Coin ICO ICO Details

Linker Coin ICO Start: 11 25 2017

Linker Coin ICO End: 12 31 2017

Linker Coin Symbol: TM-LNC

Linker Coin Platform: Ethereum

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