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EVENTS & ICO Press-Releases

Senior Partner at Thompson&Stein, Artur Kuczmowski, Will Talk ...

PRESS-RELEASE-Artur-Kuczmowski-Will-Talk-About-AML--KYC-Policies Artur Kuczmowski | Senior Partner at Thompson&Stein

AML & KYC standards for crypto platforms will be discussed on March 22 at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. Senior Partner at Thompson&Stein, Artur Kuczmowski, will deliver the presentation "AML and KYC Best Practice for ICO and Crypto Exchanges."

Artur Kuczmowski is a qualified lawyer with many years of experience in the field. Currently, he has a position of the Senior Partner at the international law firm Thompson&Stein.

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Flyp.me, the accountless crypto exchanger, launches new design for seamless instant exchanges

PRESS-RELEASE-Flyp-me-the-accountless-crypto-exchanger Flyp.me, the accountless crypto exchanger, launches new design for seamless instant exchanges

Flyp.me, the accountless crypto exchanger, has just released its new design. First launched in 2017, the Flyp.me accountless exchanger has been focusing on privacy, simplicity and speed and now boasts 30+ coins and tokens.

Flyp.me, created on a strong set of values by a team who builds on bitcoin since 2012, has been delivering on its promise to be the fastest, safest and most private way to exchange cryptocurrencies straight to your wallet. The new design goes a step further in making it so easy to buy and sell crypto.

To exchange your crypto with Flyp.me, you don't need any registration, email nor account. And why would you want it any other way? Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly. You are always in control of your privacy and private keys. It is so simple, like sending a transaction from your wallet.

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Vitecoin prepares for launch in Mauritius

PRESS-RELEASE-Vitecoin-prepares-for-launch-in-Mauritius Vitecoin prepares for launch in Mauritius

Vitecoin prepares for the launch after a successful private Beta in Mauritius

Vitecoin (VT) prepares for the launch after a successful private Beta in Mauritius, with more than 1000 early adopters. The successful figure of a thousand people was part of the acid test for Vite. Moving safely and affordable is a constant need among citizens, but public transport is fundamentally slow and inefficient and can no longer keep up with demand. The centralization of industrial jobs together with the limited space in cities requires rapid and scalable transportation services. Cities have ostensibly grown more than services and staff.

Therefore, the test had to be done with a significant number of participants. Local taxis have found to be a clear competitor. The services of shared trips have contributed to the fact that usual taxi users have a plan B. Ridesharing services like Vite provide the tools for customers to leave direct feedback about drivers and the quality of trips experienced hence raising the standards of convenience and most importantly safety. For insecure or incompetent drivers there is no place. It is known that in all sectors, monopolies do not favour the true users of a service. They offer a poor and sometimes abusive client experience .

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Custom Coin revolutionizes the construction industry

PRESS-RELEASE-Custom-Coin Custom Coin revolutionizes the construction industry

Brief introduction to Custom Coin and the decentralized platform

Custom Coin offers a decentralized ecosystem of work interaction. A platform whose spinal cord is in the Ethereum blockchain. The project, that gets to the market from Switzerland, offers a management ecosystem for all kinds of entrepreneurs, both the most expert and the new entrepreneurs who join the sector. It is a decentralized marketplace and has a p2p assistance center where we can find all kinds of tools and features. In a digital ecosystem designed for quick management, collaboration and other activities, the new digital universe is connected to traditional physical sectors.

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HubrisOne Launches Private Seed Round on Seedrs

PRESS-RELEASE-HubrisOne-Launches-Private-Seed-Round-on-Seedrs HubrisOne Launches Private Seed Round on Seedrs

HubrisOne Technologies, the company behind HubrisOne's fast-growing all in-one fiat-cryptocurrency current account has just announced their new private seed round which is live on Seedrs. With over 14,000 users on their waiting list within 4 weeks, HubrisOne is opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own shares in their rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £10.80.  

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LATOKEN BEF Davos 2019: Tim Draper Slaps Mainstream Crypto Critics By Comparing Blockchain With The Internet

PRESS-RELEASE-Blockchain-Economic-Forum-In-Davos LATOKEN BEF Davos 2019

The 4th edition of the Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos — an event hosted by LATOKEN — kicked off on January 24th at the Arabella Hotel Waldhuus Davos with a bullish keynote presentation on the state of blockchain by the former President of Bulgaria and blockchain enthusiast Rosen Plevneliev. (Watch his full keynote here)

"I believe blockchain makes a huge sense for my country, but also for humanity." Plevneliev emphasized that the way people purchase, travel and communicate will change dramatically in the next decade, pointing at blockchain as one of the main drivers of change. 

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Fieldcoin Ltd Will Decentralize the Agricultural Industry

PRESS-RELEASE-Fieldcoin-Agricultural-Industry Fieldcoin Ltd Will Decentralize the Agricultural Industry

Fieldcoin Ltd. Will Connect Landowners and Investors Generating Synergies

Fieldcoin is a blockchain-based platform that connects landowners with investors and financiers. This facilitates property or land transactions to be carried out immediately, without intermediaries and in a secure environment.

Traditionally, at the local level, lands were negotiated in words. However, during the last few decades, globalization has distanced the owners from local investors. During the last few years, land owners and agrarian businesses have noticed how intermediaries changed - a change that affects both local economies and global markets.

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ALCEDO Offers Real Cryptocurrency Adoption in its Purest Form

PRESS-RELEASE-.ALCEDO-Offers-Real-Cryptocurrency-Adoption-in-its-Purest-Form ALCEDO Offers Real Cryptocurrency Adoption in its Purest Form

In the Midst of Broadening Cryptocurrency Adoption, ALCEDO Offers a Complete and User-Friendly System

As the cryptocurrency market's bearish trend of 2018 slowly begins to show signs of easing, the foundations for new trends are being forged. Now entering its second decade, the blockchain ecosystem continues to mature and is manifesting itself in increased cryptocurrency adoption.

Currently there are several online platforms that allow people to buy cryptocurrencies with traditional fiat currency for daily use via bank transfer or card. However, as not all platforms support the same currencies, crypto or otherwise, these options often require multiple accounts. The required disclosure of personal data, as well as the difficult and cumbersome handling of the different platforms, is time consuming and inefficient.

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Annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague by Smile-Expo will once again take place in the Czech Republic

PRESS-RELEASE-Blockchain--Bitcoin-Conference-Pragu_20190123-075129_1 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague by Smile-Expo

The Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague March 22, 2019 for the fifth time – the event about blockchain and cryptocurrencies organized by Smile-Expo. The conference will feature blockchain specialists, entrepreneurs, and investors from different countries.

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Alive Casino ICO will offer entertainment 3.0

PRESS-RELEASE-Alive-Casino-ICO Alive Casino ICO will offer entertainment 3.0

       Virtual reality and entertainment, participation is open to Alive Casino ICO

The progress of the crypto economic and financial ecosystem continues, with the consequent tokenization of traditional sectors. The most fashionable technology at the global level together with AI continues its course. The Online Casino compatible with Virtual Reality, begins its journey; the rounds of Alive Casino ICO start with a complete package of features and services that we will describe below. We know that it is not the first casino that integrates cryptocurrencies in it's system, nor is it the first to run completely on blockchain. What has called us especially the attention is the integration of virtual reality.

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Korea's Biggest Conference is Around the Corner

PRESS-RELEASE-blockchain-summit-and-conference-by-Chainers Korea's Biggest Conference is Around the Corner

Chain Plus Korea, one of the most influential blockchain summit and conference organized by Chainers and MTN (Money Today Network, the 3rd largest Economic Media Group) is about to open on January 23-24 2019 at the Seoul Dragon City in Seoul, with the prediction of 2,000+ audience to attend from worldwide.

The conference was not only responded well by global top investment institutions, exchanges,world-famous blockchain medias, industry leaders, and high-quality blockchain companies, but also strongly supported by government from many countries.

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World Leaders To Discuss The Future Decentralized Financial System At The Blockchain Economic Forum In Davos

PRESS-RELEASE-Blockchain-Economic-Forum-In-Davos Blockchain Economic Forum In Davos

LATOKEN — the #1 exchange in liquidity for new tokens— is kicking off 2019 with the 4th edition of the Blockchain Economic Forum: The Decentralized Financial System.

More than 100 high-profile economists, regulators, officials, and business leaders from all around the world will join us for three days to set the ground rules for the design, governance and monetary policy of a more inclusive and transparent financial system.

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Bitacium prepares for the most Incredible launch

PRESS-RELEASE-Bitacium-prepares-for-the-most-Incredible-launch Bitacium prepares for the most Incredible launch

Bitacium will compete to innovate transboundary global fintech ecosystems

The trend continues its course, bringing more and more complete ecosystems. The cryptocurrency launching that are exclusively for point-to-point payments have ended. The trend has improved itself, and the emerging tokenization projects cover a rich ecosystem. The replication of traditional services inside the cyberspace continues, even improving traditional models when digitized.

In the fintech sector, global adoption of cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts and multifunction wallets is beginning to be the norm. A sector as demanding as it is requires the latest advances and implementations to be competitive.

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The 2nd Annual Conference of Block Hedge Business 2019 At Bangkok Is Set to Create Ripples in The Blockchain World

PRESS-RELEASE-Block-Hedge-Business-2019-At-Bangkok Block Hedge Business 2019 At Bangkok

After putting together, a series of successful blockchain conferences, Block Hedge is all set to unite leading stakeholders in the crypto sphere at Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand, as we know is one of the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency centers on account of its favorable business environment, regulations and tax rates. It is home to few of the most prominent crypto powerhouses, which is why it has been attracting the sizeable attention of all those involved in the field. 

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AIOX (All In One X) - Decentralized Cryptocurrency with a Great Future

PRESS-RELEASE-AIOX AIOX (All In One X) - Decentralized Cryptocurrency with a Great Future

AIOX (All In One X) is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Which is on the ERC20 Blockchain at present but it will come on its own Blockchain after Main Net.

Its maximum supply is 84 million only. Current circulation is 42 million only. Total distribution in PreICO is 19.4 million and total distribution in ICO is 6.79 million.

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Top Korean Enterprises Accelerate the Blockchain of Korea CHAIN PLUS+ Blockchain Summit Seoul

PRESS-RELEASE-CHAIN-PLUS-Blockchain-Summit-Seoul Top Korean Enterprises Accelerate the Blockchain

Korea, with its 50 million population, is one of the most active market in terms of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry as well as investment in the world. Continuing the nationwide investment fever in cryptocurrency, top-ranked Korean enterprises from various industries intend to accelerate the Blockchain market in Korea. No.1 social network platform Kakaotalk invested in Upbit and established the Kakao Blockchain Lab; Game industry giant Nexon took ever a digital exchange Korbit; Samsung launched a Blockchain platform, Nexledger. Korea's giant economic & financial media Group MTN (Money Today Network Inc.) also turns to Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, planning to co-organize an international Blockchain summit "CHAIN PLUS+" during 23-24 January in 2019.

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The Billionaire Investor Tim DRAPER is participating at the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit!

Tim-Draper-Blockchain-Economy-Istanbul-Summit Tim DRAPER | Billionaire Investor

Tim DRAPER, one of the first investors of Tesla, Skype and Hotmail, and who was requested consultancy by Donald Trump on the cryptocurrencies regulation of the American financial system, joined the main list of speakers of Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit!

Tim DRAPER, a technology billionaire and Bitcoin investor, is known for his 40,000 Bitcoin investments in 2014. In the same year, his prediction that a Bitcoin would exceed $ 10,000 within 3 years became true, and in December 2017, a Bitcoin price approached $ 20,000. Recently, he estimated that a Bitcoin will rise to $ 250,000 by 2022. DRAPER says that only cryptocurrencies will be used all over the world within 5 years.

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Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

PRESS-RELEASE-Blockchain-Economy-Istanbul-Summit Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

The most in-depth blockchain and cryptocurrency conference of the region, with the best names of the field in the international arena, will take place on February the 20thof 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The investors dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency, engineers and professionals from Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia will be attending the international "Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit"

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