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ICO Lepifany

Smart Contracts

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ICO Description

Lepifany, new generation passive income & BNB redistribution project on BSC. An ecosystem changing the Crypto space in terms of security & other aspects. What is the basis of Lepifany?

The core mechanics and focus of Lepifany will be security with a leading auditing Artificial Intelligence tool that will scan smart contracts for vulnerabilities and security issues on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network.

This will launch for the BSC and ETH network to begin with and will be expanded further to other blockchains and networks to be utilized for the benefit of investors.

Lepi's ecosystem will also include other elements that is described in detail in its whitepaper.

Lepifany is also a self-governing DeFi project produced on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to provide its investors a continuous passive income in the form of free BNB.

The smart contract functionality is implemented in such a way that it will be cross-migrated to provide security via various well established and recommended methods through the Ethereum security protocols and code of practice with Lepifany leading the security development on it's own accord to build upon.

Trezor integration tutorial upcoming and how to store Lepifany in a hardware wallet through Lepiblio and on the website!

The problem - Existent Issues (page 8 of whitepaper)

The solution - Lepi's Response (Page 9 of whitepaper)

Why Lepifany?

OVER 80% (Conservative figure) - Initial Coin Offerings have been riddled with malpractices, at least 80% of new ICO‘s are fraudulent and investors money is simply lost without any assistance to recover the stolen funds. - Lepifany is on a mission to change this once and for all.

One of the main purposes of Lepi is to provide a resource of income to investors long-term and to bring change to the current lack of security existent within the cryptocurrency sector.

This includes keeping users of the crypto space safe by using its sophisticated security tools to deliver unparalleled results where bugs, unwarranted and malicious code contained within smart contracts are not exploited.

Lepifany will be deploying features within its ecosystem to resolve issues that are related to the security of investors. This will be initially introduced on the BSC network to assist users in making a clear and concise decisions.

Lepi will further provide an in-depth understanding of the methodology of keeping safe by reviewing reports of smart contracts on the blockchain generated by Lepi Shield.

Besides the Lepi scanner, there are a variety of tools covered in this Whitepaper, working together in succession, and keeping investors in the know of projects newly founded and existing on the BSC network with smart contracts that may potentially contain exploits and bugs to steal investors funds or sensitive data.

- A detailed report from the scanned smart contract will be available for review, shared, or even downloaded for record keeping.

- Details will also be retained with a reference and will be available in the user’s account eventually.

- The bugs and security flaws are too vast in number to cover every single one here.

- However, part of the Lepifany ecosystem is devoted and will contain details on all available flaws related to blockchain security.

- Specific parts of services will require users to hold Lepi Tokens, which can be used to access premium products.

- Applications will be continuously monitored for advancements and upscaling.

- Feedback will also be more than welcome from the user base and community.

- The safety measures which are currently being established within the Lepifany Shield Scanner will act as defense against bugs and known attacks on smart contracts such as the forthcoming (List of attacks not exhaustive and more information concerning each term mentioned can be found on Lepiblio upon launch).

Features (Covered in LEPI Whitepaper)

Security ecosystem:

» LEPI Shield - Automated BSC and ETH Auditor
» LEPI Patron - Lepi Crypto Encyclopaedia
» LEPI Xpose - Securities And Vulnerabilities Database
» Lepiblio - Almanac (Knowledge of crypto in one central location)
» LEPI Aloisia - Reporting Portal of crypto malpractices
External cross-linked ecosystem (Several components of ecosystem not being publicly released, simply announced).

Other segments of the ecosystem:

» LEPI Finess - Gamification - Design phase
» LEPI Sepherus - P2P Marketplace - Design phase and prototypes near completion
» LEPI Aurora - Crypto Payment Checkout - First phase live
» LEPI Djam - Social Network - Beta launch upcoming in the next two months or earlier
» LEPI Drago - Provably Fair Casino - Halted, pending community vote on next phase (This month)
» LEPI Quantum - Wallet And Swap Exchange - Under Development
» LEPI NAYA - Helpdesk And Ticketing Support - First phase complete and Live
» LEPI Eunoia - Lotteries, Raffles And Giveaways - First phase complete (Launching prior to pre-sale)




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✅ ICO Lepifany details

ICO Details

ICO «Lepifany» ICO Start: 2021-07-31

ICO «Lepifany» ICO End: 2021-08-14

ICO «Lepifany» Symbol: LEPI

ICO «Lepifany» Platform: BSC

ICO «Lepifany» Offering Type: ICO

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