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Leap ICO

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ICO Description

LEAP  is  building  a  blockchain  platform  to  govern  relations  and  transactions  between major video game  stakeholders in  the eSports  industry​ ​via​ ​smart​ ​contracts.​ ​Think​ ​of​ ​LEAP​ ​as​ ​FIFA​ ​for​ ​eSports.  LEAP will enable anyone to benefit from the growth of the virtual worlds, either as players, coaches, investors or simply fans and make video games and eSports as ubiquitous as football/soccer is.

Esports is today there where soccer was more than 100 years ago. Worldwide 200 million people play games such as League of Legends and 100 million watch others play. Today's youth is already more interested in video games than actual sports like tennis, soccer, and football. Esports  will  keep  expanding  as  every  next  teenage  generation  will  grow  up  playing  video  game  eSports  and will  keep on watching  eSports  as  they  get older - just  like  all  sports fans watch  traditional  sports for fun because  they  used  to play them as  kids.  But unlike in the traditional sports, much of the infrastructure and relationships between key stakeholders are missing in eSports. The  industry  is  still far from  mature​. It’s starting to become mainstream, but there are still no national teams, no global eSports world cup. Since advertising dollars are the major fuel for any sport​, we need to do for eSports what FIFA did for football - create a global organization to promote eSports on a massive scale, by supporting talented players to grow into superstar athletes and by creating the eSports World Cup where national teams compete.

This is the single moment in history where we as fans, players, coaches, and viewers can unite and create an organization which is not owned by Billionaires or corporations. Since eSports is just starting to get mainstream, now is the time is to launch the LEAP organization.

Doing a token sale is the perfect way for LEAP to get widespread support and a critical mass of players, coaches, fans, and sponsors to adopt the LEAP smart contracts platform and to become ambassadors of the eSports World Cup. 

Although FIFA has done and continues to do great work, it has been plagued by corruption and abuse of power. By using the blockchain alongside with smart contracts to govern relations among eSports stakeholders, corruption and abuse will be practically impossible


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⭐ Leap ICO details:

Leap ICO ICO Details

Leap ICO Start: 12 01 2017

Leap ICO End: 12 30 2017

Leap Symbol: LEAP

Leap Platform: Ethereum

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