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Layer One X ICO

ICO Layer One X Description:

ICO Description

Layer One X is a revolutionary new layer one blockchain allowing for bridgeless access between any chains it is connected to. It will have its own multichain wallet that will allow users to access tokens on any connected chains and use the L1X token as gas utility on these chains.


The variety and size of the potential markets Layer One X will have access are in the tens of billions and beyond. Layer One X is purposed designed for developers with its scalability features including 100K TPS and 1 cent gas fee. Builders will be able to leverage these features plus its unrivalled interoperability to create new applications to drive adoption and attract new markets to the blockchain industry.


Access Decentralised Exchange from Your Wallet Directly

Easily access many cryptocurrencies, NFT's and other Web3 Assets and seamlessly swap and leverage Layer One X as the Universal Gas fee. Hold and check all multiple forms of assets in one spot while you enjoy the benefit of X-Talk to send and receive the currency of your choice.

Multiply your Staking Potential

Maximize rewards, minimize risk, and embrace the future with Layer One X Wallet's multi-chain token staking. Unlock synergy across networks, optimize your strategy, and future-proof your staking activities.

Transform your crypto wealth

Experience a world of multichain financial opportunities with Layer One X Wallet's dynamic lending and borrowing ecosystem. Explore a connected financial landscape, where collaboration thrives and possibilities abound.

Ignite your NFT assets

Amplify the liquidity of your NFT portfolio. Seamlessly trade, protect and diversify your digital collectibles across multiple blockchains. Maximize liquidity, explore new opportunities and secure your valuable NFT assets.

Lease NFTs, experience Ownership on your Terms

Empowering users with the ability to lease premium NFT assets. Experience the thrill of ownership without long-term commitments, exploring a diverse range of NFT opportunities. Test the market demand, mitigate risks, and access valuable assets cost-effectively.

Health Smart Contract

Control and allow access to your health records to your doctors seamlessly and securely from one wallet. View your health records at anytime, anywhere.

⭐ Layer One X ICO details:

Layer One X ICO ICO Details

Layer One X ICO Start: 07 24 2023

Layer One X ICO End: 09 30 2023

Layer One X Symbol: L1X

Layer One X Platform: l1x.foundation/public-sale

Layer One X PreICO Start: 2023-07-20

Layer One X PreICO End: 2023-07-23

Layer One X Offering Type: ICO

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