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LakeDiamond ICO

ICO LakeDiamond Description:

ICO Description

LakeDiamond is a Swiss company that grows diamonds and transforms them for high-value industrial applications. These diamonds, manufactured at our local laboratory, are ultra-pure – at least 50 times purer than mined diamonds. Purity is essential because the purer a diamond is, the greater its versatility and performance in industrial applications.

The exceptional properties of diamonds – their hardness, transparency and superior thermal resistance – make them an advantageous alternative to the materials currently used in many industrial applications. Diamonds have the power to revolutionize energy management, telecommunications, medicine and computer science – driving considerable improvements in efficiency, productivity and value.

LakeDiamond grows ultra-pure diamonds which can be used for high-tech applications. Through our platform, token owners can exchange time-based tokens for machine time on our diamond-growing reactors.


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⭐ LakeDiamond ICO details:

LakeDiamond ICO ICO Details

LakeDiamond ICO Start: 04 08 2019

LakeDiamond ICO End: 03 26 2019

LakeDiamond Symbol: LkD

LakeDiamond Platform: BITCOIN

LakeDiamond PreICO Start: 2019-04-01

LakeDiamond PreICO End: 2019-04-06

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