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ICO KIRIK Description:

ICO Description

KIRIK is the world's first open-source meta-protocol for converging existing blockchains. It empowers users to build transactional protocols that help transfer digital assets between different blockchain systems. The core of the project is the concept of the Semantic Smart Contract – an executable specification built using Mathematical Logic, specifically the Theory of Semantic Modelling.

Semantic smart contracts describe specific subject domains (like real estate, car rental and other contracts) in familiar logical terms. Unlike classical smart contracts, they do it in such way that human logic and the semantic meaning of a contract don't "dissolve" when transferred to computer code but rather stay readable and understandable by laymen. One outcome is that we do not need an army of programmers to turn a contract into a code or to audit smart contracts – one can construct a semantic contract without programming, and KIRIK will execute it automatically. Semantic contracts also have advantages when it comes to auditing.

Specifically, semantic contracts are a lot more transparent and secure than classical smart contracts to the extent that they can be applicable for legally binding deals in real business and governmental environments. The reason is that KIRIK is free from limitations of other smart contract platforms, all of which are written in procedural or 'Turing-Complete' languages bearing the risks of bugs, runtime errors, and undocumented uses with unpredictable outcomes. While classic smart contracts cannot be verified by another script or piece of software automatically, without human interference, KIRIK's semantic contracts can, since their underlying language is not Turing-Complete yet has broad expressional power. KIRIK is a maths-driven project that is possible thanks to our standing on the shoulder of giants.

Specifically, the above-mentioned Theory of Semantic Modelling was developed by world-renowned Russian mathematicians Yuri L. Yershov, Sergey S. Goncharov, and Dmitry I. Sviridenko in the 1980-90-ies. It was then included by American Mathematical Society in its list of the most formidable achievements of the Russian mathematical school in the 20th Century. With such a strong mathematical foundation, KIRIK semantic smart contracts are low-risk and highly valuable for a real economy where automated processes require clear semantics, as well as for building controllable and transparent AI systems. Semantic programming is used in the automation of business processes,in budgeting, logistics, customer relations management, retail goods, accounting, human resource management, and Enterprise Resource Planning. We have received very interested responses from projects in these niches, where some players have expressed interest in KIRIK's implications for decentralized marketplaces, decentralized crypto-exchanges, construction and development, fintech, legal industry, city management, and government.

The KIRIK concept is not based on the Blockchain as a distributed ledger, but on semantic smart contracts. These contracts help specify protocols that can bind operations and transactions made across different blockchain platforms and other external systems into one integrated transaction. Based on the idea of declarative protocol specification, a semantic contract can use external oracles to specify the protocol logic for binding transactions across different Blockchain platforms to form a single transaction. Thus KIRIK acts as a meta-protocol that brings together different Blockchain platforms. About Us: KIRIK is a spin-off project of Eyeline Communications LLC, the company that provides platform solutions for mobile carriers, banks and fintech companies: USSD/SMS centers, Mobile Advertising, Service Delivery, Customer Self-care platforms etc. The project team have 15 years of joint experience in building high-performance platform solutions for mobile operators, banks, and financial service providers. Eyeline's major clients are Mobile TeleSystems, Tele2, Beeline, Smart Philippines, Alfa-Bank, Atos Origin, Panasonic, and YellowPages Philippines.

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KIRIK Platform: Ethereum

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