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ICO Description

Kindly offers a solution that makes the biggest positive social impact and leaves no negative footprint. To address these issues, we founded The Kindly Ecosystem PTE LTD. in Singapore (TKE), that now licenses feedOM’s OM Guarantee™ certification of social good to create the world’s first measurable social impact coin, wallet, exchange, and debit card.


Kindly’s mission is to introduce a kindly ecosystem into POS and eCommerce platforms, through converting a small portion of every transaction into a measurable social impact that is certified and confirmed by multiple blockchain records. feedOM’s mission is to help socially responsible and conscious companies and consumers participate in a mutually beneficial, output measurable humanitarian effort to end child hunger, animal abuse, and remedy the adverse effects of deforestation.


The Kindly Coin (KIND) is an ECR-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a 4% Kindly Transaction Fee (2.5% Charity, 0.09% Maintenance, 0.3% Re-distribution to token holders, and 0.3% locked liquidity) on all buying or selling of the token. Every transaction is meant to provide a positive social impact on the world.


The Kindly Ecosystem was co-created by Paul Rodney Turner, the founder of Food For Life Global (FFLG), former monk, and best selling author of Food Yoga, Soul Power, and The 7 Maxims for Soul Happiness. 


The Kindly Ecosystem is officially partnered with Food for Life Global, the world's largest vegan food relief organization serving up to 2 million meals daily, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, winner of the best international sanctuary 2021, and Eden Reforestation Project, to deliver measurable social impact of feeding children in need, feeding rescued animals, and planting trees through transacting the Kindly Coin.


Kindly’s mission is to build financial products that facilitate effortless, un-random acts of kindness.

Our vision is a world of harmony, peace, and prosperity for all life — where kindness is the currency.


The Kindly Coin is the world’s first measurable social impact cryptocurrency, soon followed by the Kindly exchange and Kindly Wallet.


Key Features:

Kindly Coin:

The Kindly Coin is a positive social impact cryptocurrency that provides an easy way for holders to feed children in need, feed rescued animals, or plant trees through the transacting the token.

Kindly Wallet:

The Kindly Wallet will be a browser extension and a mobile app that will enable users to easily interact with the Kindly Exchange and manage their crypto assets, as well as manage their social impact.


Kindly Exchange:

The Kindly Exchange will be the world’s first social impact exchange where every participant makes a positive social impact just by using the platform to trade all their favourite cryptocurrencies.



The KINDLY Coin is intended to be the world's first measurable social-impact cryptocurrency on the Ethereum (ETH). Unlike other “charity tokens” the KINDLY coin will come with a guarantee of a measurable social impact. This will be achieved with the OM Guarantee certification managed by feedOM (www.OMguarantee.com). Furthermore, the feedOM kindly ecosystem on which the KINDLY Coin operates will provide other opportunities for holders to give back in measurable ways. For example, the Kindly Exchange will additionally convert part of the payment processing fee (used for the upkeep of the payment service) into measurable social outputs as well!



The Kindly Coin (KIND) is an ECR-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a 4% Kindly Transaction Fee (2.5% Charity, 0.09% Maintenance, 0.3% Re-distribution to token holders, and 0.3% locked liquidity) on all buying or selling of the token.




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✅ ICO Kindly details

ICO Details

ICO «Kindly» ICO Start: 2021-11-22

ICO «Kindly» ICO End: 2021-12-14

ICO «Kindly» Symbol: KIND

ICO «Kindly» Platform: ERC-20

ICO «Kindly» PreICO Start: 2021-10-23

ICO «Kindly» PreICO End: 2021-11-20

ICO «Kindly» Offering Type: ICO

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