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ICO KAWI Description:

ICO Description

Kawi is a cutting-edge social game with a virtual economy that reflects and simulates the real world. The game has a unique internal economy system supported by a virtual currency called ‘KAWI.’ Residents will have the exciting opportunity to earn $KAWI by participating in everyday life activities like buying and owning property.


Kawi is inspired by some of the real world’s economic principles, brought together in a dynamic browser-based MMO game. Kawi World is divided into different continents, all with their own economy and specifics. Every continent has different assets and opportunities to generate mouthwatering income for a user. Kawi World will have a total of 7 continents.


Every continent and economy will have its characteristics, and they will differ from each other on aspects like:

  • The available amount and types of real-estate 
  • Limited amount of economic opportunities
  • Overall financial health


The real world was brought into being in just 7 days; just like that, the Kawi world will be shaped in 7 rounds. The world will start with one continent and gradually develop to reach its full potential.


KAWI is a new game on the Binance Smart Chain with its own virtual currency; $KAWI. Inhabitants or ‘Kawians’ are able to buy unique assets in the form of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) which will generate staking rewards in the form of the $KAWI currency, which fuels the ‘Kawiconomy’.

The NFT’s can exist in many forms, such as a large mansion down the lake, a skyscraper in a jetset city but also an electric sportscar. As an inhabitant of KAWI, you can decide what kind of NFT we release in time. The world of KAWI will consist of 7 different continents which will have their own unique characteristics.

⭐ KAWI ICO details:


KAWI ICO Start: 06 15 2021

KAWI ICO End: 06 22 2021

KAWI Symbol: $KAWI

KAWI Platform: Binance smart chain

KAWI Offering Type: ICO

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