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Kalahari Token ICO

ICO Description

Kalahari Token is a community token for a vibrant community that connects people with nature. The Kalahari approach is to invest in and empower the environmentalists with the needed resources. Kalahari is a name of a large national park in Africa. We borrowed the name to start a community of people who are concerned about the environment but have chosen to take some action. We want to be a grassroots movement that does not just talk about the environment but is taking action. We will lead the way in taking action in bringing forward the solutions to the ecological concerns of our time.


Our goal is that by 2024, through our DAO, free metaverse mining, gaming, property buying and selling, and other activities, 1M+ millionaires who are environmentalists are created in this community. These will take environmental leadership worldwide. There is greater power in passionate people who have the resources.


Kalahari is taking advantage of the crypto boom to organize each other and raise funds for the planet while we make money. We are a community that will grow into this big crypto market. We are going to invest in a better planet as we invest in our future.

✅ ICO Kalahari Token details

ICO Details

ICO «Kalahari Token» ICO Start: 2022-01-20

ICO «Kalahari Token» ICO End: 2022-02-15

ICO «Kalahari Token» Symbol: KLR

ICO «Kalahari Token» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «Kalahari Token» Offering Type: ICO

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