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ICO JOINTER Description:

ICO Description

JOINTER presents a safer and more profitable alternative to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) syndication and investment. Jointer's unique approach issues tokens (SAFE notes) pegged to the Dow Jones Global Select REIT Index with 2X leverage, providing investors diversification and liquidity while allowing sponsors to receive faster funding with one check, from one source.  

Pre-Auction - Early Adopters Earn First.

Early adopters will have the chance to earn JNTR and JNTR/e tokens up to a 6X value before theAuction begins. ValueThe JNTR baseline value starts at 1ETH : 10,000 JNTRJNTR & JNTR/e Bonus Structure Investment Bonus$1 - $50,000 2X 100% JNTR (50% discount) $50,001-$1,000,000 4X 200% JNTR + 200% JNTR/e (74.36%discount)$1,000,001 - 5,000,000 5X 300% JNTR + 200% JNTR/e (79.08%discount) $5,000,001 - $10,000,000 6X 400% JNTR + 200% JNTR/e (equal to81.45% discount) Example: an investment of $10M will be eligible for $34,000,000 JNTR + $19,900,000JNTR/e equal to total of $53,900,000For the first $50,000: $100,000 of JNTRFor the next $950,000: $1,900,000 of JNTR + $1,900,000 of JNTR/eFor the next $4,000,000: $12,000,000 of JNTR + $8,000,000 of JNTR/eFor the next $5,000,000: $20,000,000 of JNTR + $5,000,000 of JNTR/e   Downside Protection During
Jointer is presenting investors downside protection on their investments during the Auction. 1. 90% of the investment along with the JNTR tokens will be locked on a smart contract 2. After one year, 90% of the investment will automatically return to the investor andthe tokens will return to the company 3. At any time before the year ends, if the investor is satisfied with Jointer’s performance and the tokens’ market value, the investor has the option to cancel the insurance and the tokens will release to the investor.4. During the pre-Auction the Downside Protection will start from 80% form $500K and 90% for $1M and above,the investment minimum to qualify for Downside Protection during the Pre-Auction is $500,000.

Investors will have the ability to trade their tokens after 90 days after the first token gets sold. Further, investors will have access to the redemption reserve. 10 Auction days after the Auction begins.
Special Use of Funds

Contributions received during the Pre-Auction will have a special distribution to put into action in the forthcoming auction. 70% of funds will be used to bring the Auction to market by paying exchange listings & engaging with broker-dealers 10% for establishing reserve (Bancor) 20% for operational support.

Become a Jointer Venture Partner Investors with a $500K+ investment will be eligible to act as Jointer’s partner and solo managenone of Jointer’s funds that equals 2X their investment. The Fund Manager can choose the properties for Jointer to invest in as long they meet Jointer’sinvestment criteria.  

⭐ JOINTER ICO details:


JOINTER ICO Start: 07 26 2019

JOINTER ICO End: 09 03 2019


JOINTER Platform: Ethereum

JOINTER PreICO Start: 2019-07-13

JOINTER PreICO End: 2019-09-03

JOINTER Private Sale Start: 2019-07-13

JOINTER Private Sale Finish: 2019-09-03

JOINTER Offering Type: IEO

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