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Jace ICO

ICO Jace Description:

ICO Description

JACE (JACE, Token Symbol) is a cryptocurrency on the Stellar blockchain that is meant to facilitate and significantly decrease the cost of transactions of global companies in the portfolio The Jason Fullmer Business Development Corporation, or simply Jace BDC. This fulfills the mission of Stellar Development Foundation to “unlock the world’s economic potential by making money more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.” Further, “Stellar enables a future where everyday people can send money anywhere affordably and quickly. We . . . believe we can only unlock the true power of the modern digital economy when value can flow unencumbered around the globe.”


The Jason Fullmer Business Development Corporation uses Jace as the ideal currency to facilitate its mission: To develop emerging and impoverished economies by forming a portfolio of companies and businesses to lift the global population out of poverty. This will be done by recruiting into the Jace BDC portfolio microcap and ultra-microcap corner and main street shops and necessary businesses in some of the most needy and poor places in the world. As the world has become healthier, more educated, and disease-free, those around the world are in a position to enter the largest factors of economic production: labor and private capital, the backbones of a business, large and small.


The vision of Jace is to serve as a borderless transaction of payment that is as cheap as 1000th of a cent with the processing speed of 2-5 seconds. The Jace Wallet will contain a QR payment processing method whereby shops and businesses in any area of human need can scan a shopper’s smart phone or a shopper can scan the QR code of a merchant that stands at the checkout area. The transaction will then be processed from the merchant’s fiat currency into Jace and vice-versa for the consumer.


Rural citizens of impoverished countries do not have a bank account or have access to any financial market. Many in these areas use a check cashing or Western Union-type service which costs total up to $120 million for six million transactions. Others have access to a PayPal-type service that decreases that cost to $20 million. Jace, on Stellar, decreases the total transaction cost to just 20 cents. Jace can open those past the reach of the global financial market into a new, abundant life with greater access to life necessities such as healthcare, transportation, food, childcare, education and more.


A case study also at hand is the movement of the United States government to prop up the Juan Guido government through USDC, a stablecoin backed by dollars. The socialist Maduro regime blocked the flow of capital in the traditional financial markets in order to stay in power. Jace can liberate each individual to gain the greatest degree of civil liberty one can access.


Please join Jace in issuing the greatest era of economic development by giving the poorest in the world the chance for entrepreneurship and employment to create the fullest effect of free-market economics, the greatest force and ideology that has created wealth for the greatest number of global citizens.


Go to jace.global to participate in the ICO. It runs from December 21st, 2020-February 12th, 2021

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⭐ Jace ICO details:

Jace ICO ICO Details

Jace ICO Start: 12 21 2020

Jace ICO End: 02 12 2021

Jace Symbol: JACE

Jace Platform: Stellar

Jace PreICO Start: 2020-12-21

Jace PreICO End: 2020-12-23

Jace Offering Type: ICO

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