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ICO «Inmediate»

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July 7, 2018
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Bas van Oers

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ICO Description

INMEDIATE makes policies transparent and trustworthy by using Smart Contracts, powered by the Zilliqa blockchain solution. The Inmediate mission: Effective insurance for all. Inmediate’s network and dApp will reside at the heart of interactions between participants of smart insurance transactions. It will coordinate and orchestrate those interactions, providing clear standards for data flow and removing friction.

This opens up new opportunities for insurers, distributors and customers while always using the latest technology and insights. 

Why Inmediate?

The blockchain and smart contracts will bring huge cost savings and new business potential. Insurers know that and all are understandably very interested. What Inmediate will now contribute is the creation of the eco-system that insurers and distributors can operate in to make the benefits available to customers. An eco-system and application that orchestrates the interactions between all parties to bring “smart insurance” to life. This eco-system is a critical success factor for “smart insurance” to take off. Absence of it would lead to even more confused customers, higher costs, regulatory challenges, inefficiencies and slow progress. We have taken the initiative to build the infrastructure for an effective smart insurance eco-system and network that : • Lowers the costs of insurance significantly • Connects insurers, re-insurers, brokers, distributors and customers • Is solid, consistent, secure, clear and future proof • Enables new insurance products and • Is available everywhere, anytime to everyone We call this: the Inmediate network.



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ICO Details

ICO «Inmediate» ICO Start: July 18, 2018

ICO «Inmediate» ICO Finish: August 6, 2018

ICO «Inmediate» Symbol: DIT

ICO «Inmediate» Platform: Zilliqa

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