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ICO Description

The heart of Influencio is all about recovering content sharing and reclaiming it from large corporations, decentralising and redistributing the power to individuals. Influencio offers a one-stop-shop platform that provides content sharing and crypto token rewards to incentivise usage and adoption, and to build communities around a brand or message.


Influencio mixes classic word-of-mouth and influencer marketing principles with gamification and methods that have helped to build cryptocurrencies and their communities.  Influencio Leading SocialFi The social token ecosystem is continually expanding and growing as one of the industry's hotspots. The DeFi era has begun to take off from 2020. SocialFi has begun the shift from "Social + Finance" to "Social + DeFi" under the impact of open finance ideals and liquid mining methodologies. After the DeFi period, NFTFi and GameFi flourished one after the other, and the community has great expectations for SocialFi.


In fact, several new initiatives based on the SocialFi idea are expected to join this track in 2022. Influencio is one of the first few platforms leading the SocialFi space. SocialFi is a fusion of a social, decentralised version of the virtual world (web3.0) and finance. It is an innovative way to monetise social interaction that allows friends to connect and learn more about the crypto space.


Through the use of tokens, engagement metrics such as likes and comments can now be monetised, which will add further value between influencers, brands and sponsors. The tokens are supported by personal reputation, brand or community and the value of the token depends on the number of the community. 


One of the notable projects within the space that have already succeeded are Chiliz. Chilliz is a common social token in the "fan economy," with an emphasis on the sports world. CHZ is the initial coin of Socios, a blockchain-based sports and entertainment fan reward network. Socios presently works with 48 teams or partners to provide fan tokens, including AC Milan, Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus.

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