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iNf4mation ICO

ICO iNf4mation Description:

ICO Description

iNf4mation, a blockchain-based project, is attempting to address these challenges, and to bring the DeFi revolution to data, giving the power and control back to the people. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, iNf4mation is a revolutionary platform that not only gives customers control of their own data, but also the ability to exchange the tokenized value of this data in a decentralized manner. With iNf4mation, users can take back control of their data and become part of the DeFi revolution.


iNf4mation will offer a suite of DeFi tools through its dedicated DeFi platform, iNf4.finance, and will utilise advanced encryption to maintain data integrity, consistency and security while allowing seamless decryption of the user-approved data by businesses.


iNf4mation is the first blockchain-based hybrid decentralised platform in the DeFi space for data control, exchange, and compliance. iNf4mation gives the customer control over their data, while also making it regulatory compliant for businesses.


iNf4mation acts as an extension of a business platform, such as the Salesforce platform (which processes over ~5 billion transactions per day), that lets users maintain control over their valuable private data while simultaneously preventing users from being targeted based on the publicly-available data that they share.


iNf4mation turns the current model on its head, giving users the ability to exercise their Right-to-Delete or Right-to-be-Forgotten. In order to be compliant with rights, a business must erase all data pertaining to that customer.


iNf4mation simplifies this process for the user, and in-turn provides visibility only of the data they want to share with the company, and only via the iNf4mation platform. Migration and change management to the iNf4mation platform will be made as simple and painless as possible as iNf4mation will partner with a number of international Service Integrators with whom they already have tight relations.


iNf4mation pioneers a DeFi approach to data control and management that is hybrid, decentralised and interoperable. iNf4mation allows the sharing of user-approved data without compromising the user's sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII). With compliance, privacy and encrypted security built directly into its core, iNf4mation lets users own and control their data without ever worrying that it will be exposed. Businesses will no longer own the customer data, instead the customer will own their own data. To access this data, businesses will subscribe to iNf4mation for access rights to customer data that is not only secure but regulatory compliant.


In this new era of data privacy, iNf4mation is the first blockchain-based, hybrid decentralized DeFi platform. iNf4mation provides businesses with the tools they need to adapt to the ever-changing data landscape in a safe, regulatory-compliant, and user-driven manner. iNf4mation also gives people power over their data and the DeFi tools they need to directly exchange its value with others without exploiting it.

⭐ iNf4mation ICO details:

iNf4mation ICO ICO Details

iNf4mation ICO Start: 12 10 2021

iNf4mation ICO End: 03 24 2022

iNf4mation Symbol: iNf4

iNf4mation Platform: ERC-20

iNf4mation Private Sale Start: 2022-01-14

iNf4mation Private Sale Finish: 2022-01-27

iNf4mation Offering Type: ICO

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