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Incremint ICO

ICO Incremint Description:

ICO Description

Incremint believes ICOs will continue to thrive and that the risks of an unregulated ecosystem with little governmental oversight inherent to ICOs can be best mitigated effectively from within the blockchain community.

Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) have experienced explosive growth as a new means for project sponsors (“issuers”) to fund promising initiatives. Harnessing the power of decentralized blockchain technology has enabled remote investors (“backers”) to participate in projects without a middleman, unleashing a wave of innovation. Technology has outpaced regulation. Key risks inherent to the current practice of ICOs need to be addressed -- ideally without encumbering the potential of blockchain.

Incremint and Mint tokens mitigate these risks in a way that embraces the potential of blockchain and works in harmony with the decentralized community. Incremint is an escrow solution. It has key benefits to both issuers and backers. Mint tokens are an integral component of Incremint and will underpin the operations, governance and success of ICOs while offering a compelling value proposition by way of advantageous economic terms to backers.

Incremint is not a middleman. Incremint is a backer-driven self-governance system, professionally administered.

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⭐ Incremint ICO details:

Incremint ICO ICO Details

Incremint ICO Start: 06 01 2018

Incremint ICO End: 08 31 2018

Incremint Symbol: MNTS

Incremint Platform: Ethereum

Incremint PreICO Start: 2017-12-19

Incremint PreICO End: 2018-01-15

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