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ICO HTFx Description:

ICO Description

Coin HTFx - self-financing, self-managing, private, instant and secure Cryptocurrency, based on the Dash crypto currency, took all the best and became even more convenient and sought-after among investors, was developed with a democratically determined transparent social contribution executed without central management to support socially responsible decentralization of currency.

Budgets for the social contribution, promotion of users and traders and stimulation of use, budgeting, development and marketing, as well as improved adjustment of mining complexity for better distribution and growth, better management, aimed at increasing decentralization and democratic freedom and various scaling opportunities will be included. and transaction speed.

The main and most significant goal of the project HTFx, which we set for ourselves - is to give every client the opportunity to invest without fear of being deceived or completely losing money. A coin, an instrument that can become an ideal global payment system, is usually used as a speculative asset.

HTFx project is designed as a solution to the main problem in question, and takes into account both the global problems and local problems faced by the entire financial system and the whole of the crypto currency.

We are convinced that the recognition of any coin is achieved through trust, our Coin HTFx is no exception. And this trust we receive not only for past merits, but also directly on the whole path of development of our company. Therefore, we gathered all the best in our opinion that there is a crypto currency in the market, took into account all your requests and wishes, implemented useful functions in Coin HTFx which each of you can appreciate and get financial stability and prosperity, and most importantly confidence in tomorrow day.

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⭐ HTFx ICO details:

HTFx ICO ICO Details

HTFx ICO Start: 06 20 2018

HTFx ICO End: 06 20 2019

HTFx Symbol: HTF

HTFx Platform: Other Blockchain

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