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ICO HQZCASH Description:

ICO Description

HQZCASH is created by the founder of HQZconsulting. HQZCASH will help fund young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Any business created or supported by HQZCASH will accept HQZcash in return. HQZ Consulting is a company founded by Johan Boiteux, business provider, Blockchain analyst and consultant specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Convinced that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to become the future of our economy, Johan Boiteux and his partners share their experiences in these areas to bring a better understanding of the financial system around us and which is soon on the brink of collapse.

This company is therefore a Holding based on investment, established in Europe on Estonian territory.
It is primarily a cryptocurrency and blockchain consulting firm.
On the other hand, it aims to support and invest in as many small businesses and business start-ups as possible.
The HQZcash token: raw material of the ICO, Initial Coin Offering, means initial offer to sell cryptocurrencies.

This step is ideally suited for crowdfunding for startups and cryptocurrency-based initiatives, such as HQZ Consulting. In addition, ICOs provide the opportunity to invest in a new cryptocurrency project by purchasing tokens.

• 9,000,000 HQZCASH traded (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves)
• ICO completed when all tokens have been exchanged
• Following this, a HQZCASH will be exchanged for a NPI.
• The end of the ICO will mark the launch of the NPI blockchain.

The startup team then uses the money raised from the token sale to develop their idea and turn it into a product in its own right.
Also, over time and the development of the company, the value of tokens increases.
This is how HQZ Consulting and its business partners have chosen to optimize the development potential of the project.
For its ICO, HQZ Consulting has chosen to call its token "Token HQZCASH".
The HQZCASH Token is therefore a pre-launch token of the NPI cryptocurrency.
During the ICO, nine million HQZCash will be traded.
The exchangeable cryptocurrencies will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves.
You will need to use the waves.exchange platform for exchanges and once the HQZ ecosystem is in place (blockchain, wallets, etc.), the exchanges will be done directly via the HQZ application.
The crypto-currency exchange will be accessible directly on your client wallet which will be established on a mobile application, windows and linux.

⭐ HQZCASH ICO details:


HQZCASH ICO Start: 03 17 2021

HQZCASH ICO End: 08 31 2021


HQZCASH Platform: Ethereum

HQZCASH Offering Type: ICO

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