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Holder Finance ICO

ICO Holder Finance Description:

ICO Description

Holder Finance is a project within the Ethereum network. It aims to become the best store of value token benefiting from the Ethereum network advanced technology, and to be the first Holders centric project of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. It rewards early adopters and Holders of HFi who stake this community-driven token. Indeed, the longer you stake HFi, the more you are rewarded by earning more HFi. The very limited total supply combined with the huge potential of the Ethereum ecosystem converge to develop the decentralized finance (DeFi) exposure.


The purpose of Holder Finance is to become a digital store of value, like a digital gold, without cost of mining and negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, the fast transaction speed, allows to anyone worldwide to be part of HFi project and build their future wealth.


Holder Finance is initiated and developed with the community in mind and for the purpose of rewarding its members proportional to their investment. All proposals and decision making are voted via HFI within the community, minority obeys majority.


Holder Finance builds its own DEX forked from UniSwap, called HolderSwap, with 4 exclusive new features:

  • OTC Desk (live on beta) which is a full decentralized OTC desk - HolderLimit Protocol (live on beta the 12/23/2020) which allows users to set their own trading strategy like on CEX but on a decentralized way. The users who execute the trades are rewarded with a dynamic fee that they choose themselves.
  • Dynamic trading fee which is more fair than the fee system on CEX as it fluctuates according to the asset volatility and not according the the trading volume of the user.
  • Liquidity Pools Cap which reduces the IL as the daily reward is increased compared to Uniswap or other any DEX and additionally liquidity providers are daily minting HFS (utility token of HolderSwap). HFi is the governance token of Holder Finance ecosystem which rewards HFi holders with HFS rewards, monthly interest distribution in USDC proportionally to their shares in HFi tokens and have exclusive advantages like a 24H premium access to new launched LPs on HolderSwap.

⭐ Holder Finance ICO details:

Holder Finance ICO ICO Details

Holder Finance ICO Start: 12 06 2020

Holder Finance ICO End: 02 28 2021

Holder Finance Symbol: HFi

Holder Finance Platform: Ethereum ERC20

Holder Finance Offering Type: ICO

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