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ICO «HiHealth»

⭐ Machine Learning & AI

4.11 ( 3 votes )
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ICO «HiHealth» Listed:

April 1, 2018 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

Aleksandr Potkin

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ICO Description

HIHealth is a global medical ecosystem based on artificial intelligence for complex personalized diagnosis of the organism in real time. The personal ecosystem for diagnosing a human body in real time. Finds sources, patterns of development of different diseases and prevents future illnesses.

Using the data of medical surveys of a large number patients, as well as indicators gadgets for control state of health, we train artificial intelligence conduct early diagnosis of various diseases and to detect the previously uncovered cause-and-effect communication between the functioning of systems and organs of the body and the occurrence of diseases. AI will be able to analyze minimal, inconspicuous to the human eye, deviations indicators from the norm, and also to obtain more accurate results of examinations (eg ECG) as a result of their cleaning from the noise generated by the instruments. Also with the help of AI can be monitored in real time the effectiveness of treatment and adjust the appointment of a doctor.



ICO Details

ICO «HiHealth» ICO Start: August 1, 2018

ICO «HiHealth» ICO Finish: October 10, 2018

ICO «HiHealth» Symbol: HiH

ICO «HiHealth» Platform: Ethereum

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