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ICO «HexCash»

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May 3, 2018
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hex cash

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ICO Description

HexCash is a TRULY Decentralized Crypto Fund Management System. Where your fund grows under your own control. HexCash solves the gap of reliability that has erupted between Investors and Fund Management Program. Built on Ethereum Blockchain System: HexCash is built on & hosted with Ethereum Blockchain System, an industry standard in all Cryptocurrency based Financial Programs.

ERC20 Token Standard: ERC20 is the token standard for smart contracts in consideration which ensures unprecedented security of your fund invested with HexCash.

Smart Contracts based HODL Reward System & Crypto Exchange: HexCash Fund Management System is programmed to give you gains while you're holding HexCash Tokens on a public Blockchain System.

2017’s Crypto Frenzy landed attracted all kinds of investment programs guaranteeing unmatched returns for your fund. Fraction of such programs were outright Ponzi schemes which made investors shy away from otherwise reliable fund growth programs.​ ​HexCash solves that gap of reliability that has erupted between Investors and Fund Management Program.

HEXCASH token supply will only have 40 million tokens overall; this resembles an economic system based on deflation. As the number of tokens will remain same, after increase in demand the price of HEXCASH tokens will tend to increase.


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ICO Details

ICO «HexCash» ICO Start: May 9, 2017

ICO «HexCash» ICO Finish: June 16, 2018

ICO «HexCash» Symbol: HEX

ICO «HexCash» Platform: Ethereum

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