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ICO GRYisPower

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GRYisPower ICO

ICO GRYisPower Description:

ICO Description

GRYisPower is revolutionary ICO where everyone gets tokenized wind turbine energy. Maybe it’s a little bit similar to other ico which offering tokenized energy but no one has OWN power source.

This ICO is to collect investments to buy 3 wind plants, each wind turbine 2MW of power, total 6MW (6000 watts). So these three turbines in one hour can produce enough power for two hous usage for a year.  You may appear that the cost of wind turbines is very expensive, YES it is expensive, but only few know that the turbines is paying off within 1year when they start. But let's not be optimists but realists, we can say that it pays off in 1.5 years or in the worst case 2 years. In average, after two year all investments pay off and next 18 years is only profit, because the wind turbine has an average working time of 20 years. 

All token holders will collect energy and increase token value in energy forms. We will donte GRY tokens with 40% of all produced energy! If you want to know come to our website.

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⭐ GRYisPower ICO details:

GRYisPower ICO ICO Details

GRYisPower ICO Start: 05 20 2018

GRYisPower ICO End: 07 22 2018

GRYisPower Symbol: GRY

GRYisPower Platform: Ethereum, ERC20

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