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ICO Description

Greenex (GNX) is a cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain fixed supply of 420 million coins that will never need to be mined. The aim of Greenex is to promote and develop the green technology and green lifestyle space. Greenex itself will invest in Green Assets such as Solar Farms and generate and sell green electricity income to the power network. The income from the sale of solar power is then distributed to holders of Greenex coins. When you buy, use or hold Greenex you are creating additional green energy without adding to existing burdens on the environment.


The Greenex vision is built on your faith and confidence in a cryptocurrency that actually stands for something and is backed by a real asset. The best real asset to back a cryptocurrency is an eco-friendly asset that generates green, clean income.


Greenex will only allow green, clean assets to support our cryptocurrency. This means that when you buy coins from us we will buy solar farms that will produce energy that we will sell to provide you with income on your coins. Initially, we will require investment before we can purchase the assets needed, we need community support to share in our vision and spirit. We have targeted solar because we know this is an industry with potential, but we want to invite people to contribute to our community.


We are the only cryptocurrency that is actively pursuing investment in green energy, this means we will leave no carbon footprint when we operate our cryptocurrency. Our Greenex coin is already distributed on a decentralised ledger network (the BSC network). This means Greenex does not require mining and therefore, Greenex produces no carbon emissions, no pollution, no energy to create the coin, but by buying and investing in Greenex you are generating income from a cryptocurrency and reversing harmful pollution by creating clean energy.


In line with our vision, we will look to evolve the currency together with a viable business and implement a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to provide a vehicle for future investment. The initial Greenex Cryptocurrency will remain a vehicle for this investment. In the initial stages the crypto coin itself will rely on the enthusiasm of the community to help grow the awareness and value of the coin so that we can use the funds to invest in green energy assets.


Greenex (GNX) is the Green experiment of our time. Greenex is green, clean energy, Green lifestyle (healthy) and Green fun (smoke that green). Greenex aspires to be a truly environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. Generating Green Assets such as Solar Farms and generating and selling green electricity income to the power network. When you buy, use or hold Greenex you are creating additional green energy, promoting healthy green lifestyles and living the life of green.




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✅ ICO Greenex details

ICO Details

ICO «Greenex» ICO Start: 2021-07-01

ICO «Greenex» ICO End: 2021-08-30

ICO «Greenex» Symbol: GNX

ICO «Greenex» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «Greenex» Offering Type: ICO

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